Contemplating a Career Change – No Interpretation

Chellee George. Nice to meet you too. Well, I need help finding another job. No. The video program? To help me find a job more, for my situation, being hard of hearing, I need help finding something else to do other than what I’ve been [doing]. Um, nobody knows. [Laughs] No, it came about, at 14. I started losing my hearing a little at a time. And by 23, I was wearing hearing aids. And it’s been a slow decline from there. Um, I don’t know. He had no idea. No. My grandma in her 80s started wearing hearing aids. [Laughs] Nothing. After high school, I went to beauty school. And I was working as a cosmetologist by 19, and I’d done that for 25 years. But my hearing is getting worse, I can’t, well, I refuse to answer the phone anymore because I cannot get names and numbers. Um, I can’t hear the person in my chair anymore. I have to come around to the front a lot and face them. And when I go back behind them, I can’t hear what they’re saying anymore. So if they talk a lot, I have to stop and keep going forward, or spinning them around. And it slows down time. And when the noise gets too bad, when there’s more than, say two of us working at a time, the noise is so great that I can’t hear anything at all, and at that point, I become a very boring hairdresser. And in Arizona, where I lived in Arizona, I had my own clientele conditioned to it, and I had no idea that when I moved to Salt Lake three years ago and tried to start again, it was not easy. No I’m always right up front, I repeat back everything, sometimes in a different way, to make sure I got it right. But then I go back behind and I’m the boring hairdresser. And it takes a lot of personality to keep customers. Yeah, um, the last audiogram I had, the speech discrimination part, a woman was doing it, and I had 30 percent, and like 25 percent of speech discrimination. I mean, it’s the classic ski slope loss. And I’ve lost some of these tones all together and I have a mild loss in the low tones. Low pitches [nods]. [Nods] Yeah. Black run. [laughs] Phonak Naida. Type 4. No, they didn’t have Bluetooth capabilities when I bought them. But it does have the FM system. There’s an FM receiver built into my hearing aid. No. I had a bad experience with one of the other girls trying to force me to answer the phone. She was nice, but – it was just a lot of pressure from her to answer the phones. So I sort of quit. Even though everybody else was okay with it. I work next to the one and I just had the pressure all the time. Well, the phone is for building clientele. You try to, and you hope for the new clients to come in, and I can book them with me. But if I can’t answer the phone that limits my ability, somewhat, to get new clients. I did that my whole life, my adult life. [Laughs] I have thought about massage. Because that shouldn’t involve a lot of talking. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. That sounds good. Thank you. Nice to meet you too.

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