Construction Conversations – Royal Darwin Hospital

Welcome to Construction Conversations a video series brought to you by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics. We’re here at the Royal Darwin Hospital to take a walk through the recently completed paediatrics ward. Territory company Sitzler won the $15 million contract to complete the upgrade. To give us a few more details about the project I have with me Col Fripp Senior Project Manager with Building Services. Col this was the first major upgrade of the paediatrics ward in over 10 years it must of been a big job. It was a huge job, trying to demolish the entire inside of the 5th floor in the middle of the building with patients below us and above us it was really difficult to move 350 tonnes of rubble mostly one piece at a time. We have seen some wonderful features of this new ward including where we are sitting right now in the Starlight Express Room. But Col this is just stage one tell us what we can expect when stage two is wrapped up early next year. Ok, stage two is basically a mirror image of stage one although there is additional staff facilities and a parent lounge that accommodates the parents that are staying with their children. And that’c Construction Conversations for this month stay tuned for more updates and check out our Facebook page

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