Conrad, Nic, & Mina Prepare For The Clinic Opening | Season 2 Ep. 11 | THE RESIDENT

This will get you
through tomorrow. It’s a good thing Chastain
is right across the street. I can’t believe our
shipment was delayed. I can. How’s your dad? Crabby. Which I am embracing, because it
means he’s feeling better, so. Look at this place. I barely recognize it. Very impressive. Sheer force of will. Are we forgetting anything? I’m sure we are. Where did I put that? Oh, here it is. Ah, yes. The ribbon cutting ceremony. We are here live at the
grand opening for Chastain Park Memorial’s new community
clinic, where low income or uninsured residents can get
free medical care they greatly need. I guess we’re open.

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