Conrad Doesn’t Trust Julian In The Hospital | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE RESIDENT

[ding] [gasps] Voila! Mmm, doughnuts. I’m starving. Have one. You’re the best. Mm, chocolate. Good? Mm-hmm. Good morning. Fresh from the oven. Very kind of you. You made those? Someone else’s oven. [inaudible] is just
the delivery system. No, thanks. He doesn’t do carbs. I don’t do bribes. I heard you’re
helpful in the OR. But I’m not a fan of sales
reps inside the hospital. It seems like a
conflict of interest. No offense. None taken. You know what? I’ll take another one. We don’t make enough
to turn down free food. You should have
gone into finance. And quit medicine? Speaking of which, Bradley’s
coming in for a hard valve. Headlines, used to
be one of us, took a nose dive through a skylight,
left the halls of healing. Be nice. He’s still one of us. Oh, no, he’s not. Now he’s a Muggle. Hundreds of thousands of Med
school debt down the drain. Yeah, and he’ll be
paying it off for decades. [pagers beep] Pravesh, they need you in VIP. They don’t page you
when they need me. Looks like they do.

14 thoughts on “Conrad Doesn’t Trust Julian In The Hospital | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE RESIDENT

  1. 0:32 That look from Conrad, LMAO

    0:47 a muggle, LMAO

    0:58 Devon, don't you know by now? Conrad is yanking your chain!

    Aaaand. Conrad is on the ball: WE DON'T TRUST HER EITHER Money hungry, attempted home wrecker…

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