Conjoined Twins Are Separated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Acen and Apio aren’t as close as they used
to be. I’ll be very happy to finally hold my babies
in my arms and to be able to feed them separately. It will be very exciting for me. A team of surgeons at Nationwide Children’s
Hospital successfully separated the eleven-month old conjoined twins following a 16-hour surgery
on September 3. The babies are currently recovering. It took approximately 30 people in order to
be able to successfully separate these twins. The twins were joined at the spine and pelvic
region. Specialists carefully untwined their spinal
cords as technicians monitored nerve function. “Ok now they are just Apio’s, same distribution.” To identify which nerves belonged to Acen,
and which belonged to Apio. Then, their soft tissue was divided and after
a long reconstruction process, one became two. “Acen and Apio are now separate individuals.” We have the potential here at Nationwide Children’s
Hospital, given the depth and the breadth of expertise of all of our specialists, to
take two patients who will never be able to have a normal life as they are now and make
them into two separate individuals who I expect will have a fully normal life. The surgery is going to be very helpful to
the children because then they’ll be able to feed on their own. They’ll be able to grow up like normal children. But they’ll always share a special bond. Their hands are close to each other because
of the way they’re conjoined and sometimes they hold hands and it’s just the cutest
little thing. Something their doctors are looking forward
to seeing them do, even now that they are apart. The look on the parents’ faces when you
tell them the babies are separated is something that you’ll never get out of your mind. You’ll remember it for the rest of your

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  1. Oh my God this has broughy great joy to me. i can only imagine how the mum felt. beautiful angels of God thank u Almighty and bravo to the doctors as well

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