Congressman flips out after being schooled on abortion

Rep. Cohen: To suggest I’m disingenuous shows
your ignorance or your absolute inability to deal with Congress people the way they
should. Rep. King: Miss Parker, you brought a comparison
between slavery and abortion, and as far as I recall that’s the first of that type of
testimony that I have seen before this committee or any committee. Is that an original thought on your part,
have you had others that index the same comparison? How did this come about? Star Parker: Others have looked at it as well,
and in fact, when you put the Dred Scott decision next to the Roe V Wade decision, they read
almost verbatim. I’d like to also address something that was
brought up earlier, if I may, when it comes to mixing the abortion issue with the challenges
that we face in many of our hard-hit communities. I feel it disingenuous that the issues of
Medicaid would come up and other opportunities for
us to re-address what has happened and broken down on our most distressed zip codes the
way that Planned Parenthood specifically targets these particular zip codes with abortion. Abortion is a leading cause of death in the
black community today. Since Roe V Wade was legalized, 20 million
humans have been killed inside of the womb of black women, and then on Halloween Planned
Parenthood tweets out that the black women are safest if they abort their child rather
than bring it to term. To the gentleman from Texas who brought up
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, I think that it is important that we put in
the record that the needs of those that are most vulnerable in society cannot be addressed
with abortion. Abortion feeds a narrative that women are
victims, that they have no control over their sexual impulses and a result of this narrative
being forced down into our hardest hit communities, we are seeing now recklessness in sexual activity
and marriage has collapsed. In the 50’s, 70% of black adults were married
today that number’s 30%. This is causing a lot more social pathologies
that have to be addressed through different types of legislation, not the heartbeat bill. The heartbeat bill is to protect the innocent— Rep. Cohen: Chair? Rep. King: Chair recognizes the gentleman
from Tennessee, the ranking member. Rep. Cohen: Thank you. Firstly, we’re in filler time, waiting for
somebody to come testify. I would ask that we allow Miss Jayapal to
do filler as well as as well as the chair and I’d also like
to say that I’m not disingenuous about anything I say about Medicaid or Medicare or LIHEAP
or snap programs and to suggest I’m disingenuous shows your ignorance or your absolute inability
to deal with Congress people the way they should. I believe in those issues and I think they’re
proper. And to say I’m disingenuous is just wrong
and I expect an apology.

100 thoughts on “Congressman flips out after being schooled on abortion

  1. To bad free abortion weren't around when these Congress men were conceived I'm sure their moms would have aborted them

  2. Sir, she can't apologize for the TRUTH! If a Republicans would have responded that way he/she would be called a racist…#sooverit

  3. Thank you for speaking out for the innocent unborn babies! Bless You! I am so sorry for the rudeness of this man. Please keep speaking out for all babies.

  4. Wow the TN congressman was so disrespectful. No civility. She’s must’ve hit him in a tender spot. With truth.

  5. He’s not disingenuous, he’s a monster he’s a murderer he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s a socialist scum who is trying to buy votes with taxpayer money, keep poor people poor, keep the black population under control by killing off their babies, and he’s an anti-American socialist traitor.

  6. She spoke truth! He's a sicko making it about him to distract from being beat with facts. Seems like a habit with the corrupt.


  8. Wow that congressman spoke like a true ignorant ass and that smirk on the other congressman in the back does not help the situation. Politicians are so disgustingly arrogant and need to remember that they work for WE THE PEOPLE not the other way around.

  9. The congressman actually made the ladies well thought statement more effective, thru belligerent virtue signaling.

  10. That’s that inner “I’m not racist” talking. He’s afraid it might have come out. But ALL people for genocide are disingenuous and worst, murderers! And they’ll have to answer to The Almighty real soon.

  11. Mr. Cohen owes Ms. Parker the apology. Mr. Cohen does not know how to curb his anger and speak to someone with respect. Maybe Mr. Cohen has a guilty conscience.

  12. WOW!! What a RUDE old white man !!! Someone who cannot deal with the TRUTH … I am embarrassed for him as a racist white man … he's probably a KKK member also … & I am an old white woman … & I find him deplorable … Yeah that blacks have found their voice & are using their brains & education against those who desire to control & enslave them !!! Beautiful, articulate, well spoken, knows her stuff black lady … way to go and keep going … don't let this compromised old white man intimidate you !!!

  13. God bless this woman!!!! She's a saint and a warrior!!!

    Also I'm embarrassed that asshole congressman is from my great state of Tennessee. He's an evil POS that needs to be wiped from the face of the Earth!!!!!

  14. Mr. Cohen, truth be told… YOU sir, are the one that needs to apologize and mean it. You just showed your true colors… Someone once said that money changes people, No, money just reveals who they really were in the first place… Same for you Mr. Cohen, these truths didn’t change you or got you riled up, they just brought up and exposed who you really are in the inside. I will be praying for you sir. So much for standing up for the minorities and black community… That’s my humble observation.

  15. He expects an apology? Are you 4 years old, sir? Because that's what you sound like. I really want to know they type of people who are electing these morons.

  16. I thought she was nice. She could have told him how ugly he is! Just show his picture to people and say “this one reason we should have abortions” ! I’m just kidding of course.

  17. Cohen is an embarrassment to TN. That sorry ass needs to be put out of office. How dare he even use the word ignorant!

  18. She has very valid points. Had the congressman been republican, calling her ignorant would have had repercussions. But then no one calls out leftist when they call conservative blacks the n-word, or gay conservatives f*ggots.

  19. This is one smart woman. I reckon these men are having a difficult time hearing what they don’t want to… especially from a black woman who just made them look like idiots.

  20. Well well well. An actual hateful little weak Democrap man attacking a black lady who overcame his party's political plantation….watch him in fear as he realizes she's not in the brainwashed narrative of most black people. Call his office..tell this Boss Hogg impersonator to shut his mouth attacking people that have been delivered from the demonized desperate ,destitute, diabolical,Democrap,plantation. Then start singing We Shall Overcome…in their face..blacks overcoming the Democraps are leaving these racist jackasses behind

  21. That ignorant congressman is EVIL…..Abortion is MURDER in all stages of pregnancy….p.s. that moron IS DISINGENUOUS….flipping idiot…creepy old coot time to retire…he’s cringeworthy and SUBHUMAN

  22. She didn’t realize she needed to alter her speech about saving babies to not upset the giant man baby. Typical deflection tactic. She should have gone nuclear after his gross display of being offended. It’s true that more black babies were aborted than born in NY last year. It’s a crisis and these deviants are trying to destroy the family unit. It’s deeper and darker than people think.

  23. He wouldn’t have gotten so upset if she wasn’t hitting a nerve. I would tell him not to hold his breath for an apology. It would be a cold day in h… before I would give him one. For what? Telling the truth. The demoRATS can’t handle the truth.

  24. I think the part that blew me away the most was saying she didn't treat him like someone in his position deserved (paraphrasing here) and I'm thinking he thinks he's better than everyone else. They work for us and he didn't exactly treat her with respect.

  25. Leave it to an illumi-donkey, when hit with facts, they resort to name calling bullying tactic and they consider themselves the victim.

  26. It is real funny. That they show they really feel about black people. When it comes to them dealing with conservative black persons that is not under their control.

  27. Lol! What an idiot he is being… she spoke so well, and intelligently, and factually… yeah! She really needs to feed lies to that congressman, since that is what he’s used to! That’s the language he speaks!

  28. These are the commies that we must bring down Mr. Cohen can't hide his racists bigotry from blacks and Star Parker schooled these genocidal maniacs… I would love to debate this Racists Disingenuous Bastard in a 2 hour forum… they switched from lynching to the barbaric acts they conduct in the womb..

  29. Not to worry this bald headed koot will stand before The ALMIGHTY one day and squirm like the gutter rat he is..deepest hell awaits him..

  30. She is 100% correct about Sanger and planned parenthood!

    Planned parenthood iS a eugenics cult/outfit.

    Sangers agenda – her advocacy and personal involvement in framing eugenic policies and the implementation of those policies within the organisation of planned parenthood are exceedingly well documented.

    I think Sanger – would be delighted today at what has happened due to planned parenthoods anti-life, pro-abortion activities.

    Sanger was one sick, nasty individual – and planned parenthood honours and mirrors that attitude.

    Planned Parenthoods foundational tenet ;

    Abort every potential new life.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s a disgrace and evil to it’s core.

    And for the record that prick was very rude to that lady.
    Did he just insult HER for insulting him!!!!
    What a fucking moron.
    You don’t tell someone off for insulting someone, by insulting THEM…,.why shouldn’t she then tell him to apologise for his insult?!!!!!

    And I think he doth protest too much…..

  31. Fuck you Cohen…you disingenuous FUCK! I'd love to put my foot up your Democratic DISINGENUOUS ASS!! You, your whole Damn party is nothing but lying sacks if shit…

    Here's your apology could cunt!

  32. Democrats all have STOCK in the "AMBROSIA CLINICS" opening all across America. What I want to know is WHO and WHERE the young blood is coming from. Democrats always resort to name calling when they can not defend themselves.

  33. That congressman is a jerk. Cohen is an arrogant dink. He deserves no apology. This woman is articulate, intelligent, & calm. I haven't seen the hearings but good for her!

  34. Beautiful woman! A woman of character! Cohen's behavior was rude and I pray many see right through his evil disingenuous lies.

  35. He forgot that it was the PEOPLE he is to serve…she said IT was disingeniois…not You….lol looks like he is the ignorant one acting like an entitled spoiled brat…when people are proven wrong and can not admit it…they get angry and call people names….like a little kid….That lady surely schooled him for sure.

  36. Steve cohen forgot he is a servant of the people a bigot in every sense of the word

  37. I totally agree with this woman claiming a human life as your own property to murder is the epitome of slavery hello or is this something she just made up in their head you are evil evil 😈☠️👺💀👹

  38. Someone get "man" a bandaid, Star Parker just gave a boo boo. 😭 "I expect an apology "😭😭 I hope to the good Lord she didn't give him one.

  39. Call me crazy. But didn't Cohen have the disposition of a SLAVEMASTER? How many times did he call her ignorant? And DEMOCRATS call Conservatives Nazis??? Seriously?

  40. Wow. Can't handle an intelligent argument, huh? Well done Ms Parker! That says a lot about you Cohen. Are you watching, TN?

  41. And this man probably complains about how the President speaks. And what a beautiful articulate response the woman made and this politician showed himself to be a real jerk.

  42. She is not a mother till she gives Birth…Being pregnant doesn't make
    you one. Giving Birth to your baby Does! Murdering your unborn
    developing fetus does NOT!

  43. Congress needs to learn respect for the people who pay their outrageous salaries. I hope she did not give him an apology; he owed her one.

  44. Mr Cohen lost it, hmm, I wonder why?! Jews tend to be overrepresented in the killing of babies in the womb; especially, goyim babies. They simply love the murder of innocent babies in the womb.

  45. Rep. Steve Cohen's angry, outrageous, self-serving rebuke of Starr Parker exactly proved her point regarding his disingenuousness regarding this bill. Rep. Cohen is in contempt of the people of Tennessee. He is unfit to serve in congress, yet there his is.

  46. man, talk about democrats getting triggered by facts…that lady is so smart. and to think, 20 million smart young ladies like her, extinguished in the womb. democrats are the party of open borders, human trafficking, and dead babies.

  47. Wow. What a jerk. Use a louder, more aggressive voice and more anger against the meek black woman and she'll bow to you….. what a toxic person he is.

  48. Unfortunately this fool(Cohen) is from my state… He is such an embarrassment and certainly does not represent TN as a whole.

  49. I plan to write a letter to this representative. Wow. A woman speaks the truth about her own community and he shoots back with “How dare you criticize me?!?”. Keep it civil representative. Things get ugly when the truth is being exposed.

  50. I guess "Demoncrat" is an appropriate term for political and moral conversation in the verbal climate created and practiced by these evil minions of the new (anti-God/amti-American) world order.

  51. Pro-choicers: "Old, religious white men are trying to take our choices away!"
    This lady and many other women of different races and religions or no religion who are pro-life: Exist, and it's not about "taking women's choices away," it's about the fact that SO MANY unborn babies are being murdered.

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