Conan Visits An Israeli Hospital On The Syrian Border – CONAN on TBS

Standing here with Effie and Ze’ev.
Yes. We are here on the Golan Heights, and we are looking into Syria, sight of just the worst civil war imaginable. Syrians, who are wounded or in need of medical attention, have been getting medical attention from the Israelis. Sometimes they are wounded and sometimes those are sick women or children. I cannot imagine how they feel. You know sometimes they come and they’re just so scared, and you can barely get them talk. And sometimes they say, “Toda,” “Thank you” in Hebrew that’s, in my language.
For a Syrian to thank you in Hebrew is pretty special.
Yes. You can hear? That’s the civil war. What we’re hearing right now– Right now is exchange of fire between the regime and the rebels. That’s the city of Nakonechna. That city is controlled by the regime. Okay? By Assad’s military. And the village right here is controlled by rebels. That’s machine gun fire we hear, rifle fire–
Machine guns, heavy machine guns. [Conan] Heavy machine guns. (bellowing gunfire) Now, this is going on all the time. Uh, this is relatively calm, okay? Relatively calm, relative to war. That’s mind-numbing that that’s relatively calm.
That’s relatively calm. Yeah, I’ve never heard an actual war before. That’s pretty sobering. Syrians are treated near the border, and then they’re taken here. Standing here with Dr. Roisentul and with Fares. Dr. Roisentul, obviously you treat the Syrians that come here and need help. And, Fares, you are a social worker. You speak Arabic and you say that’s important because when the Syrians come in they’re very afraid, so if someone can speak Arabic to them, it calms them, is that right? Yes. You’re treating Syrians here who’ve been injured in the civil war. You don’t treat them just medically, they’re also treated psychologically, is that true? Yeah, that true, because some people they have illnesses. They also come here because they have a trauma. [Conan] Right. They have a trauma from the war. They have a trauma from leaving the country. I think you’re doing God’s work here. I honestly, sincerely think you’re doing beautiful work here. The only thing I question about you are these medical Crocs. (crowd laughing)
That, I think, is the only thing that separates you from a godlike status.
(crowd laughing) We are only human. [Conan] Yeah, we all have our mistakes. You bought those.
(crowd laughing) You saw them at the mall and you had to have them. Other than the Crocs, I think you should get the Peace Prize, I really do. (clapping)
Next I visited with some of the Syrian patients, whose faces we had to blur for their own protection. (speaking in foreign language) Please tell him that I’m very sorry for his injury and his pain. And, coming here and seeing everyone here who’s been injured and meeting them, it’s very powerful for me. The world is very aware of the horrors in Syria. And, we’re hoping that together, maybe we can find a solution so that this can stop.

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  1. This is a rare and very important tone for a comedian like Conan to inhabit and his manners and human appreciation really shows through here. Instead of making crass jokes or overly attempting to be an "american comedian" when the comedy won't translate (jake paul in japan for example), Conan here is calm and deeply resonate with the struggles. Because he's not acting like his typical goofy self shows that he's there for them and not there for us. Coco is by far the most genuine and human talk show/comedian alive.

  2. Conan should come to Turkey to see Syrian peoples life in border. Turkey welcomed most Syrian siblings in the world. Despite all expenses, financial things i am so proud to help them. They are need our helps. And helping them so our responsibility . This is what humanity means

  3. I have visited the country and seen these truths that are denied from public… I can say that this was not even a scratch of the worst…

  4. love the fact that the israelis are treating the syrians even after such a conflict with palestine

  5. show the real face of the apartheid regime of Israel..
    Show the daily killing of the Palestinians kids in gaze and west bank by the army of terrorist (IDF) rather than joking and playing with them.
    Their place is in the jail..

  6. golan heights was stolen from Syria by these illegal immigrants from europe claiming they belong their haha.. israelli the fake jews stealing lands that did not belong to them. snakes! israel will be destroyed by the promise of God very soon. Read your bibles dumb americans.

  7. Treating ISIS and other Islamist fighters, barely any civilians… And closed up shop right after all areas were liberated. If they truly cared about civilians they would’ve stayed open for the civilians in the aftermath of the last fights in Southern Syria.

  8. This is why we should never forget usa we don't go through this like them and I'm sorry they are going through this but don't let trump make usa like this short comings please I hope not God bless us all

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  10. Well simply Israel is treating her militia in Syria and those are militant not civilian. That is why they can't have treatment in Syrias hospital ( afraid of being arrested ). This is clearly showing how deeply Israel is involved war in Syria both directly, by bombarding Syrian facility ( civilian family were killed by Israel Air Force recently ) and indirectly via supporting their militia in Syria. Dear Conan please do not be fooled by Israel propaganda.
    By the way I am not a fan of Syrian regime but Israeli are much worst making a hell of massacre against Palestinian and nourishing the conflict in the Middle East

  11. Israeli propaganda, why not release all the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners they’ve locked up in dungeons since 1967?

  12. Treating the wounded doesnt absolve Israel from its crimes against Palestinians civilians. I steal your land, relocate you, tear down your house, lock up your kids, tac the living hell out of you, deny you representation, but hey, I treated some civilians! Good PR mode, but doesnt change the fact that Israel is a state of Racial segregation.

  13. Worst civil war imaginable … meanwhile Israel ethnically cleansing Palestine and killing Palestinians daily.

  14. These are Syrian terrorists who the Israelis treat to fight against Assad. ''Gods work'' more like ''Zionist World conquest plan''.

  15. The Zionist entity treats the wounds caused by it The US is saddened by the wounds of the people it caused through its financing of those operations in Syria I am Syrian .. I will not write my opinion in this comment But you have to say that your media is corrupt and untrue and conveys to you the picture that you want to convey … and not the truth

  16. Just proves that people of all races and religions love each other. It’s the politicians and mainstream media that are fighting and going to war. People are peaceful, politicians are not!

  17. I know I'm late but I literally just found this today. I am a syrian, however I do not live in Syria. For this summer my family and I decided to go visit Syria after 8 years of not going there. The fact that Israelis are helping Syrians just warms my heart. Not to mention an American, visiting these people without discriminating them. Things are more calm than they were before, sure we still here bombs/shootings from time to time and power outages are quite common but it's a lot better than what we were told back when the war first broke out. But seriously, this video is one of my favorite. Thank you.

  18. first aid to any one. the ones that are about to die go before others list walking wounded will be ok others jump the Q.

  19. Israel just want assad out from syria that's why israel helping syrian resistance while gathering intelligence about the resistance. Not about humanity 😆

  20. I wish (Inshallah not implying that more Syrian casualties are good!) that Israel treats as many Syrians as possible.

  21. Such a propaganda, heal there, and kill Palestinians on the other side, regardless that Golan is actually occupied from Syria by Israel

  22. Pretty serious stuff for Conan. Nice to have a look at it from a different point of view instead of all the fake news people.

  23. Matter is that how bad guys get support the guns, the reason behind that should be cured i think unemployment and orthodox rituals (modern rituals too) the reason.

  24. As long as I'm breathing I'll stand with Israel for I'm a proud Zionist and freedom lover therefore Israel and The IDF will always have my support and love God Bless Israelis God Bless The IDF God Bless Israel

  25. FAKE: The Israelis are protecting their borders and helping wounded Syrians FACT: The Israeli soldiers are standing over an occupied Syrian territory + helping casualties of Syrian terrorist groups fighting the Syrian regime + a TV show is designed to show how peaceful the Israelis are, so that the Jewish media in the US feel satisfied with CONAN

  26. This is a Late Night Show host who finds the perfect tone and words in such difficult and saddening situations.

    There are many others who should learn from the example of this great man.

  27. It is well known that ppl who actually visit Israel turning from anti-israel to pro-israel. The media is always against the conquering country, regardless if the reason was just or not. Videos like that are great example. When Israel doing bad like shooting unarmed ppl, they actually punish their own ppl. They judge their own ppl for their crimes. When Hamas killing unarmed ppl, they celebrate it on the streets. The media doesnt care about that, they only care about the conquering country.

  28. And Israel is funding isis. Isis have control close to israelli area and isis dont attack Israel i Wonder wh hmmmm

  29. Interesting that the ISIS is right next to isreal border and they didn't even throw one stone after Isreal not to mention attacking them or treathning them.. well they say a dog would never bite his own tail

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