Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

when your child suffers an injury or has
a condition that requires comprehensive rehabilitation care the children’s
health care of it led a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation unit or CIRU is the right choice for you and your child at the Children’s CIRU we treat
patients from birth to age 21 our inpatient services are available 24
hours a day seven days a week to ensure that your child has the best treatment
possible a typical day for a patient starts really early they’ll start their
day seeing the occupational therapist to get dressed in the morning from there
they’ll see another therapist and work on other skills they have therapy at
least three hours a day to work on all their goals so we’ve keep them pretty
busy on a daily basis the Children’s CIRU services include occupational
physical and speech language therapy to address conditions such as traumatic
brain and spinal cord injury cerebral palsy orthopedic concerns and
developmental disabilities the children CIRU has 28 beds private rooms a
large gym and equipment specially designed to improve patient movement our
warm and inviting facility will help your child feel comfortable during his
stay it’s very inviting when Ron lost his vision and it was starting to come
back and all I could see was bright colors that fish tank on that wall was
just like the answer we could go down there and he could pick out colors and
pick out where the fish were going and it was just the thing that really helped
him motivate get the feeling better and concentrate and focus on the colors our
team is made up of pediatric trained specialists including physiatrists
doctors nurses therapists case managers and certified school teachers working
together to address your child’s rehabilitation goals our team will meet
and reassess these goals as your child advances through his program as we have
access to every type of sub specialists for pediatric patients that’s available
and that’s something we can get right now
right here right in this place the children CIRU team together with you
and your child will design a rehabilitation program that addresses
the needs of your child and family you are an important part of the
rehabilitation team working together will help to improve your child’s
therapy outcome from day one once we arrived we immediately felt like
Chalmers and his care was everybody’s first and foremost goal one of the the
neatest things that I remember right off not only from the doctors but from the
therapist as well was they wanted to hear from my husband and me about who
Chalmers was before the accident because they felt like we were the link to
getting him back to who he was and all of the different things that that have
been impacted and how they will impact his life going forward and that was that
was some that was important to them and it meant a lot to us that that was the
first one of the first things that they asked was tell me about your child tell
me who he was you’re our best link to getting that back my role as an occupational
therapist and the fit that I have in the rehab process is to work alongside
physical therapy and speech language pathology as a holistic approach to
patient care we work as a team to provide the best care for the patient
and to also teach and train the families we understand that rehabilitation
affects not only your child but also the whole family that is why we provide
support for parents siblings and friends through specialized training and
education outings and peer support groups children on our four receive up
to four to five six hours of therapy per day depending on their needs their day
will begin as early as 8am and will end as late as 4pm and throughout the day
that both therapists and nursing staff are providing cure for that patient
because we are in a hospital most school-age children will have a small
break in the middle of the day like a lunch period at school if you
will what patients will stop to eat lunch but children really literally are
busy from as early as eight o’clock in the morning until four o’clock in the
afternoon and then it’s an active day children’s healthcare of atlanta does treat
children through the age of 21 and one of the most important things to know is
that it’s not just for the little kids teenagers have a really good time here
and really do a really great job in the recovery we have a lot of teen support
groups we have the zone for teenagers the internet access video games that
they’ll like the equipment comes in all different sizes will even bring patients
back teenagers who have gone on to college to come back and be support
group and support peers for patients that are here and those patients are
treated with the respect for their age we provide a lot of support for the
families and the patients we believe that when a child has an injury it’s not
that just the child that is affected it really does affect the entire family so
we try to address all those issues starting with the family we have weekly
support groups where you know the parents can meet with other parents and
talk about how they’re feeling and what they’re going through we have a chaplain
that comes and can talk to them as well and really a therapist get really close
to the family so they can talk to us as well the children CIRU wants your
child to feel as comfortable as possible that is why we plan each day with
therapy goals in mind individually or in a group setting your child might have
class with our certified school teacher be visited by a pet or go on an outing
with our team we want your child to be fully engaged in his rehabilitation it’s
been a great experience um the welcome Kiemon expressed that he really really
likes to ride the bikes and like the doctor will coming in like he came in I
think there was just more than he raced with Kiemon around the hospital and just to
see my son happy and smiling that of course that will make me feel good as
well I guess the one thing that really just sticks out it’s just not just the
people but the care and the knowledge it’s not something you ever want to do
but if you have to do it you want to be with somebody who knows what’s happening
and how to deal with it and help you it just be supportive and they the staff is
just there very supportive we believe your child
deserves individualized care that is why each nurse cares for only three to four
patients at a time this ensures your child has access to a trained
professional 24 hours a day seven days a week it also means that our nurses can
go the extra step to make your child feel comfortable the relationships I
built with the children while I work here are one of a kind I I feel like
they are some of them look at me as an authority figure but most look at me as
Big John the buddy I feel like I’ve gained lifelong relationships with a lot
of these kids and I looked at the kids when I got here and I knew this was
gonna be the right place of my son and he was so excited that he wanted to come
as you and your child near the end of treatment we have a program in place to
help everyone adjust a home life activities in our transitional living
room and fully operational kitchen help you and your child prepare for life
outside children’s we will aid you during this exciting time the children
CIRU is one of the few pediatric rehabilitation programs in the country
accredited by the Commission on the accreditation of rehabilitation
facilities this means we provide the best possible care for your child a lot
of people ask me gosh is your job depressing because no one ever sees you
under good circumstances well what I do is I see my job as helping people win it
doesn’t matter to me how they come what matters to me is how they go and we help
them get there it’s a joy joy to work with the patients and the families to
help them identify what their personal goals are as a mother something I had to
go through it’s a real lovely warm place they real sweet they some sweet people real
sweet to me but I would love for you know anybody have a child gets sick it’s
the best place for would be that’s a lot of love here the children CIRU
offers high quality facilities expert team members and top-rated services to
help your child recover quickly we do this by offering a variety of support
options with each passing day we want your child to be one step
closer to regaining independence and getting back to everyday life let the
children CIRU help you on that journey

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