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The Community Resource Center is a true gem
here in our community. Maybe it’s a little hidden currently, but
we’re changing that, and we’re making a real difference in those we serve. When they walk through the door, you never
know what you’re going to get. They’re kind of broken down. They could be going through the worst situation
of their life, and I think it’s really important for our navigators and our social workers
to kind of build that rapport, work with them to make them feel comfortable so we can better
serve their needs – finding a doctor, finding insurance, finding a dentist, locating mental
health / substance abuse treatment, and then anywhere from just finding housing, from needing
food, finding clothes. What we do best is we don’t turn anybody away. We don’t have rules, we don’t have regulations,
we don’t have time frames. And I think in doing that, in saying, “Whatever
you need, we’re here for you,” I think that’s really living our Mission of serving people
with the greatest care and love. Child: That’s a little tight
Parent: It gets tight. That’s fine. Child: One, two, three, four …
Doctor: Open, and bite. Hold onto it with your teeth, there you go. To those who have already donated – Mr. Heins
and others – your gifts have gone so far toward helping those in need, and your generosity
is greatly appreciated. Hi, Kimberly, it’s Sister Karen returning
your call. Umm … I got a note that you are in need
of some rental assistance. We are trying to look at the holistic picture. When people come in, it’s more than just medical. Serving with the greatest care and love – to
me – means treating everyone you meet like they are family. My first gift was the undesignated memorial
money that was given in memory of my father. I’m very much interested in helping out young
families. I moved to town in 1960 – in Champaign – and
I had a broken down car, four kids and a wife. And I worked as a teacher of Economics at
the University of Illinois. I taught there for 30 years. I have been a fan of this hospital – now called
OSF – for a long time. We used to go to a hospital called Burnham. The best guy that I’ll remember most because
he started me giving – was Dr. Gergen, who was a psychiatrist as a matter of fact, and
I got to know him because my daughter – my youngest daughter – had anorexia nervosa,
that’s a terrible starvation disease. So we went to him, and he was the best doctor
that she’s ever had, and she’s been in lots of places, including the Mayo Clinic. I’ve always gotten a lot of great feeling
just because the act of giving – and nobody needs to know about it, because I don’t get
anything out of that, but I just get the quiet satisfaction of doing something for my community. I look at what is given through the different
churches and the different organizations and the different individuals who make the donations
as what Christ would do. Through those funds, we are able to see a
success story that we didn’t have before. I think that God sends the opportunities to
us to help others. I do not ever need to know actually the person
it helps, but I’m just happy to be able to give someone a little hand up when they need

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