Community Integration During Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at Lyndhurst Centre

Hello and welcome to UHN Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Centre My name is Brian I had a spinal cord injury 26 years ago as a result of a diving accident Community integration is a very important part of your rehab Lyndhurst is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood at Bayview and Eglinton near Sunnybrook Park There are several restaurants, coffee shops and shopping centres a short drive away. Accessible bus routes are within a kilometre of the hospital.
During your stay at Lyndhurst, we will encourage During your stay at Lyndhurst, we will encourage you to go on various community outings. These
outings are an important part of your rehabilitation These outings are an important part of your rehabilitation program To help you with these outings, accessible transportation will be explored Your recreation therapist will meet with you to review transportation options in your community Toronto transit runs wheelchair accessible routes near the hospital as well as a parallel transit system called Wheeltrans. Your recreation therapist
will help you get registered to use this system if you are interested. In addition to transportation,
Your recreation therapist will help you plan for your community outings. They can help
you find accessible places to go that meet your leisure interests. During rehab, patients often go on a community outings to build your confidence and independence. On these outings
you will have the chance to try out the skills you have learned in rehab and practice new skills to help you get around safely in the community We encourage you to go out on a day or overnight pass during your rehab stay. Going out with family and friends allows you to practice the skills you have learned in therapy Your team may suggest that you start
with a day pass before going out overnight These trips out of the hospital give you and your family an opportunity to solve any issues you may encounter before you are discharged
from the hospital. A day or overnight pass needs to be planned early to make sure you
have all the necessary support, and supplies that you need out of the hospital. Please
plan this with your team well in advance before you are going out. Day or overnight passes at your own home make sense but are not always possible For this reason Lyndhurst has a fully accessible apartment in which patients can stay with family members to simulate being at home.This allows you to try out the skills you’ve learned in a safe environment. Your occupational therapist will speak with you about whether this is a good option, if so, they will help you set it up A large part of your rehabilitation takes place in the hospital, but it is equally important
for you to connect with your family and friends, and your community outside the hospital to increase your successful transition out of the hospital A large part of your rehab takes place at Lyndhurst but it is extremely that your family and friends come to the hospital and be a part of it to help you in your transition from hospital to home

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