Common Treatments at Drug Rehab Centers | Addictions

The most common treatment at a drug rehab
center is based upon the 12 step model where people have to admit that they have a problem
with their addiction and then develop a set of tools to deal with the addictions. So,
treatment facilities typically approach recovery from this 12 step model. It’s important to
note that treatment facilities are not a place to go if you’re tired, and you just want to
rest up and get some spa services. Or if you want a place to go to sort of hide out from
all the problems in your life. They’re a place that you go to do some serious therapy and
take a look at some very serious issues that have been plaguing you through your entire
life and that you have resorted to drugs and alcohol to manage. For people who have become
very dependent on prescription drugs, or illegal drugs, or alcohol, there’s typically a period
of detox that they go to. Where they come off of it. So, if they stop taking the drugs
cold turkey, they can experience severe physical and psychological distress. So, treatment
facilities provide this medically supervised, contained environment where a person can detox
from the drugs that they’re currently on, and then move themselves into a program of
recovery that’s highly structured, requires an enormous amount of work, but that will
recover you in a way that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

5 thoughts on “Common Treatments at Drug Rehab Centers | Addictions

  1. Can one recover from a drug prescribed by a psychiatrist ? one where one was told that one will take this stuff for life?

  2. Thank you ,ill look more into this ,they tagged me with bi polar and chronic depression syndrome and i feel they hit the nail on the head ,but i wish i didnt have to take any narcotics ,nearly 30 years now i take doses everyday .

  3. True ! My mother 15 years ago was called in to hear she had the beginning of diabetes and as he was writing on his pad a prescription she said isn't there anything else we could try ,he said yes mam …you,ll have to cut of all refine sugars and no one can do that .
    Its been 15 years plus and she,s still on her slightly adjusted diet and feels great for a 72 year old women .
    Had she said nothing , she would be needling herself now or dead.
    Thank you so much for taking the time .

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