Committed to Care: Orange Park Medical Center

♪ [music] ♪ – [Drew] I was just a regular guy.
I worked for the government and my life revolved around just like everybody else,
my family and my friends. That day on September 26, I had left,
I was going to go pick up some food. When I was exiting out of the parking lot,
a young man in a black car approached me from behind my right side and just yelled,
“I blanking hate cops,” and started shooting me. – [Dr. Tsirakoglou] “Gunshot wound
patient is coming in, federal agent.” So we kind of mobilize when we get a
message like that. He had five gunshot wounds. We discovered pretty
quickly it was in his abdomen and pelvis. After I identified those things,
I took him pretty quickly to the operating room. – [Madonna] He arrived, he was awake,
alert, and oriented. He was talking to us. He was joking around.
We took his vitals and then we transported him to CT after our primary and secondary
surveys were completed. And that is where he started to diminish
on us. I asked him, “Is there anybody you want me to tell anything?”
And he looked at me and he was like, “Tell my wife that I love her.” – [Christy] Drew’s condition,
whenever he came to us was very critical, weren’t very sure what was going
to happen next, but it wasn’t looking too good. When he came to me,
we started the massive transfusion protocol for him and he was only with us
in the room for, maybe, 15 minutes before we pushed him back
into the operating room where we stayed until about midnight. – I’ve been told I went through anywhere
between 17 and 19 trauma units of blood. So, basically, we were in a hospital
out of blood to save me. They decided to do a blood drive for me
and for the hospital, for the community and raised about 300
units of blood. – Everyone is trained for this type
of thing to happen. We hope it doesn’t happen, but when it happens,
we all answer the call. – I can’t say enough of good things
about Dr. Tsirakoglou . He gave 200% to save my life. It’s pretty remarkable
to get shot five times, be basically, mortally wounded, come back from that,
and then be home 35 days later. That’s a testament to the strength of this
facility and the quality of persons that are here and the work that they have done
all of their lives to become doctors and to become nurses. It’s a very hard
path and for me, their hard work paid off. – Like Drew, we were just so actively
involved in everything going on and it’s a lasting relationship.
It will be something that you don’t forget. – When it comes to the ICU nurses,
it’s such a hard job. And for them to deal with family,
and to deal with me, they’re all special. Every one of them. And I can’t pick them
up by name because there are so many of them, but they were all wonderful,
just taking care of my family and me. I don’t know what to say but, “Thank you.” – …that believe in the value of human
life. I believe in dignity, and I believe that we’re all equal. – I have a passion for nursing.
I have a passion for taking care of patients, and that’s why I’m committed
to care. ♪ [music] ♪

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