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Welcome to the Penn State
Hershey colorectal surgery fellowship program. I’m Evangelos Messaris. Hello. Good morning. How are you? Pretty good. I’m an assistant
professor of surgery. And I’m the program
director of the fellowship. The Penn State University
colorectal surgery fellowship program is based at the Hershey
Medical Center in Hershey in central Pennsylvania. It’s an academic,
555 bed hospital, with 35 operating rooms for
major procedures and six outpatient operating rooms. The division of
colorectal surgery, we offer a competitive
12-month fellowship program that will help you specialize
in colorectal surgery and become an independent
expert in treating diseases of the colon and rectum. All of our graduate
Fellows have been board certified by the American
Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. Now let’s meet our faculty. My name is Walter Koltun. I am the chief of the division
of colorectal surgery. I’m Kevin McKenna,
associate professor of surgery in the division
of colon and rectal surgery. I’m David Stewart. I’m an associate
professor of surgery. I’m Frances Puleo. And I’m assistant professor
of colon and rectal surgery. A Fellow that comes
to our program is going to be immersed
in an environment that is dedicated to furthering
an understanding of colorectal diseases
from a research standpoint. For example, we
have an IBD biobank. Nearly every patient who
gets an operation becomes part of the biobank
and donates tissues, blood serum, and DNA to
our biobank, which is then stored and then used for basic
fundamental translational research. And it’s one thing that sets
us apart here at Hershey. Here at Hershey, we have
a large cancer institute which provides care
for the population of central Pennsylvania. Hi. Good morning, Dr. McKenna. How are you, Ms. Weber? We have a very
multi-disciplinary approach. It involves interactions with
the radiation oncologists as well as the
medical oncologists and gastroenterologists. One of the areas that
I think our fellowship and our clinical
practice really excels is in minimally-invasive
surgery. We arguably have the largest
single-incision colorectal surgery practice in the country. In addition to single-incision
surgery, we do use the robot. And in fact, it’s a routine
part of our practice. Our fellowship
gives you everything that you need to know
about colorectal surgery, to handle complex patients to
the simplest patients, wherever you go. The kind of person we’re looking
for to come here for training is someone wants to
learn colorectal surgery from beginning to end,
including the most sophisticated techniques, and has a commitment
to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. I hope you enjoyed our tour of
the Penn State Hershey Medical Center colon and rectal
surgery fellowship program. It will be a pleasure to
meet with you in person and would be an
honor to assist you in your journey of becoming
the next generation of academic colorectal surgeons.

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