Colorectal Cancer Screening – LewisGale Medical Center

– I’m Dr. Pineda, I work at
the LewisGale Medical Center with LewisGale physicians. I’m a gastroenterologist
and I sub-specialize in intervention of gastroenterology. Regarding screening for
colorectal cancer please remember that the screening age
is around 50 years old if you don’t have a family
member with colorectal cancer. If you do have a
first-degree family member with colorectal cancer
then it would have to be 10 years prior to the
diagnosis for that person or when you turn 40. This is the only screening
test that for sure prevents the development of cancer by removing polyps that are pre-malignant that will ultimately turn
into cancer in your colon. If you have a family member
or if you’re turning 50 you have a family member
with colorectal cancer, please come and have
your colonoscopy done.

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