100 thoughts on “Colorado Ganja Tour: BONG APPÉTIT

  1. yo I wanna smoke with you my nigga cuz you abdullah my brother name also abdullah and he no smome but I smoke come to Brooklyn maan

  2. Wow…that must be great to have so much Cannabis that you can put two or three sorts in your Food…!!!
    The Whole world (almost..) is legalizing, Decriminalixing..etc etc..and in Fing france government is tightening up things..!
    ..i gotta leave this Weed forsaken place ..!

  3. this is retarded, when she is making the oil at 16:40 or so, she doesn't decarb, and she doesn't use any kind of natural solvent (alcohol) to break down the cell walls of the plant, thus extracting more thc/cbd oil over all, I've used half what she did with the method I mentioned, and it was way more bomb then when I used to do it the way she showed, don't take this show at face value, look up ruffhouse studios, or some other cannabis info show.

  4. Goddam, that dubstep girl…. East coast cannabis culture is a JOKE, Abdullah. The fact that you still use the word "spliff", let alone still smoke them. Go back to Philly, or better yet move to Europe, where you'll get cancer and fit in.

  5. This is the weirdest fucking episode ive watched. The bartender at the high country place was a fuckin weird o

  6. Fuck man i hate it when People are so unrealasticall hyped, its just weed g relax, its not rare. Expensive hipster shit. Here in Holland its not that crazy expensive

  7. 16:53 Chlorophyll is known to help fight cancer. You said darker isn't better because all it means is all the Chlorophyll is infused too. Hmm

  8. Fuck yall salty asses I think he’s funny asf. This, like a lot of his other vids, is jus filled w good vibes he’s livin his best life lmao He fuckin bailed at the end tho 😭😭😂😂

  9. I wish it was legal in Australia. Not just for the joy of smoking but for the simple fact I have been on medication for pain and depression/anxiety and it caused more problems. Now medication free I suffer daily with no relief. I used to be able to buy weed illegally but its to risky here now. But when I did smoke weed, my depression was almost non existent, no anxiety, almost completely pain free, I was able to sleep and wake feeling rested, was more active probable due to the pain levels being so low. But its illegal here =( and even though my Dr agrees with the benefits of it, theres nothing I can do. Weed should be legal. Its a natural plant and has no negatives at all. Unlike other drugs and alcohol that is legal – its so wrong

  10. That stuff she said about botulism is pure crap.
    You can add as much water as you want if you boil the crap out of it and seal it its not gonna turn into an "aerobic" jar. Water does not magically turn into air.
    Just like yeasts grow under non aerobic conditions in beer which is basically only water when they start producing alcohol.

  11. 50mg ….? lmao im out here eating 500mg brownies…that was a soft meal. not envious the slightest bit. come to Toronto we will show you how its done fam.

  12. lol At the end Mr. Abdullah was saying that "…i'm about 10,000 miles up right now …" hahahah Can i get what you're smoking bruh?

  13. key thing he said.. was SLOWLY blow it out… I like to hold mine but he is right if you blow it out slow it does better and fully expand your lungs critical weed NEWS yalll

  14. yo dude when you cut stuff. use your knuckle as a guide so you don't cut your finger off and it lets you get that good grip you need my stoner guy…. btw yessss im very jealous lol u lucky asssssholllllee

  15. Abdullah has the perfect job . When I was his age it was illegal to smoke , and would get fired from your job as well as being looked down to as a druggy . Man you kids have it easy . I used to walk up hill both ways in the snow to get to school when I was your age , with no cell phone 😂

  16. "Your just getting dizzy from holding your breath" right because it's still trying to absorb chemicals, like the THC and other "cannaboids"as my friend says. I don't care what anyone tells you about holding in smoke, holding in longer, say until it's gone, will mean it's in there being drugs, getting absorbed, not magically evaporating out of your body because the"walls" of your lungs already absorbed some… Your lungs are ALWAYS consistently absorbing… Come on people. This is first grade shit, but places like this you can expect lots of made up bullshit these kinds of groups of people tend to put out there. And when you make infused oil, water added will hold all impurities if you use something that hardens when cold, like coconut oil which is much better in almost every way than any oil expressly for THC but it's really preference.. put the jar in the fridge upside down when it hardens the water will be on top, flip right side up open it pour it off, reheat if you wish to take off the last few drops of water and re sterilize.. or mess with super fine filters and bullshit, no thanks. One thing they did get right is the hot chocolate. I use hot chocolate, oatmeal, or ice cream (mint choc chip is good) to mix the coconut oil with. Shave it off of the jar with a knife very thin while it's cold and it'll mush right into the ice cream beautifully

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