Colonoscopy Prep Instructions for Tampa VA Medical Center

Welcome to the colonoscopy prep
video. This video will help you
successfully prepare for your upcoming colonoscopy
appointment. First you should be receiving
a letter in the mail with instructions specific to your
appointment. It is extremely important to
save these instructions. I like to take a picture of the
instruction so I always have them on me. I have had some patients tell me
that they add the dates in the instruction to their personal
calendars to remind them. Finally contact us if you
haven’t received the letter 1 month before the procedure. You will need to have an adult
driver at least eighteen years old to stay at the hospital
while you are having your procedure. The driver must be with you at
check-in prior to to your procedure and on
discharge after your procedure. The driver should plan to stay
at the hospital for at least three to four hours for your
procedure. If you are taking a blood thinner,
please follow the printed instructions that you received via
mail from the GI procedures department. The instructions will tell you the number of days that you need to stop taking your blood
thinner prior to the procedure. If you are taking aspirin, the 325mg dose will need to be
decreased to 81mg this will reduce your risk for
bleeding. If you are taking 81mg of
Aspirin please continue to take this medicine directly as
prescribed. Do not take any iron supplements
or any othim vitamins. Iron supplements can turn the
stools black which can cause decreased visualization of
your colon. You will need to avoid eating
foods high in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Even though they are
healthy and taste yummy, they do not clear out of the colon quickly. You will need to stop eating
all solid foods and start your clear liquids. You can drink any of the clear
liquids listed on the instruction sheet you received from the GI
procedures department. Please do not follow the
instructions attached to the container of the
Golytely prep that you received from the pharmacy. You will be getting your
nutrition and calories through what you drink so please do not
drink diet or sugar free liquids. Do not drink red or purple
colored liquids because they can be mistaken as blood during
your colonoscopy. And remember absolutely NO
alcohol to drink! You will need to continue
drinkingjust the clear liquids just as you did the day before. Drink at least two eight-ounce
glasses of any liquid from the instruction list hourly. This will help you clean out
your colon better and you will feel more hydrated. Again, NO solid food please! When mixing your bowel prep,
be sure to fill the Golytely container to the fill line with
water or flavored powder such as crystal light. Some people also like to
refrigerate it to improve the flavor as well. At 4 p.m. take the two pills provided
in your prep kit package and then start drinking your
Golytely until it is half gone. A glass every fifteen minutes
is the usual pace. Once you have finished half
of the Golytely, go back to drinking the clear liquids
until you go to bed. On the of day your procedure, finish drinking the remaining
half container of your Golytely four hours before your scheduled
check in time. Your check in time is printed on
your instructions. Two hours prior to your check in
Time. Do not take anything except for
your heart, blood pressure, seizure, breathing, and Parkinson medicines,
with just a sip of water. Please bring your inhalers with you. If you are a diabetic, do not
take any diabetic pills or short-acting insulin. This includes Regular or Aspart
insulins. The morning of the procedure
take only half of your long-acting insulin. This includes NPH, Detemir,
or Glargine insulins. If you require bloodwork,
report to the lab at the time printed on your instructions
prior to your procedure. Your procedure will be
performed on 3 North that is located on the third floor of
the main hospital. The date and check in time for
your procedure is located on your instructions. Please call the GI procedures
department if you have any questions.

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