Colon cancer patient treated by doctors of Independence Surgical Clinic

I was very scared I am pretty young to be having this kind of a proceedure to be diagnosed with colon cancer and there’s no history in my family so I didn’t have anybody really that I could go to or to talk to about it. NARRATOR:
After Carrie Reich got the news that she had colon cancer she was referred to Dr. Pascal Spehar of Independence Surgical Clinic a division of Signature Medical Group. CARRIE:
He did a nice job of making me feel at ease having no history and no one to talk to he was my person. The surgery was amazing he was able to get every bit of cancer out and the pathology report came back and showed that. Through the course of my treatment I was able to interact with all three of the doctors here in the office and had a great experience with all three. I just know that every time that I came into the office they knew me by name from the moment that I walked in the door. They knew the history of my case and they were able to have very smart conversations with me and ask the right questions and allow me the opportunity to talk about how I was doing in my recovery. They were quick and timely which is always nice when talking about a doctor’s appointment but definitely thorough enough to make me feel comfortable.

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