Colectomy and hysterectomy, performed by two experienced physicians at Maryam Hospital

Hi The patient who underwent surgery today was a 47-year-old woman with a history of double cesarean section, and large uterine fibroids. Doctors treated her for years because of multiple bleeding. Finally, because of her low hemoglobin, she was examined and found that she has a gastrointestinal problem other than fibroids. Because of the history of gastrointestinal cancers in her family, a colonoscopy was performed. It was found that there were several masses within her colon. Total colectomy was performed by Dr. Bagherzadeh. There are jelly components inside the appendix tumor. Mucocele appendix has a gel-like state. These are very dangerous. If they fall into the abdomen, they will recur until the end of the patient’s life. That we completely take it out. These tumors, on the other hand, are also associated with tumors of the female genital tract. Because the patient had a very large uterine fibroma, she was treated with a uterine and ovarian resection to prevent the spread and metastasis of the tumor. Fortunately, after surgery, the patient’s general condition improves and minimizes the chance of progression with subsequent follow-up.

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