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What is the difference between the cold and the flu? I get sick every year and I can never tell the difference. Oh, so you don’t know if your getting sick from the flu, or if you’re just catching a cold
flu or a cold That’s a really good question, because colds and flues can be really similar. They are both caused by viruses, but different viruses. And the flu is honestly way, way worse. I mean for both you can get sneezing and coughing and stuff like that. But the flu, you have those things plus muscle aches. You feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. You got fevers. You got chills. And the consequences of the flu can be much more severe. CDC says hundreds, hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized with flu related complications. Tens of thousands of people even die. So flu is way more serious. Ya flu is no joke. It’s not a joke at all. Oh and by the way, stomach flu, people always ask about the stomach flu. Yes, yes, yes. Stomach flu is just like a misnomer. We call the stomach flu like when we get nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. It’s not really the flu. It’s usually some other virus or bug. So not really the flu. Or maybe you just ate something, right? Or, ya, it could be food poisoning. Foodborne illness. Thank you, I love that. Look at me, getting a gold star. So, Eva, what’s your question? My question is my husband never gets the flu shot, me and my three kids do. He doesn’t get it because he said that he gets sick from it. So do you actually get sick from the flu shot? A lot of people believe this and they get very dramatic about it and they say, I got it last year and I got so sick. Yes. Bull. Thank you! High five. High ten. Ya, bull is right. (audience claps) This is the biggest myth on the planet. This is the biggest myth that flu shots give you the flu. The flu shot does not give you flu. And let me tell you why. First of all the flu shot is made with a killed or inactivated virus. It’s not even live or it’s recombinant. Which means they just take one gene out of the whole virus to help your body get immunity. Ya, they are giving you dead bugs. It’s to give you immunity. Right. Yes But you can get the flu even you get the flu shot, right? You can. Because you can get a different strain. So people wonder, they say, so then why did I get sick? Like your husband’s probably like, well, but why did I get sick? Well this is why. It takes two weeks after you get the flu vaccine for your body to become immune to the flu. So you’re getting your flu shot now. Yay, but you could walk right outside and still get sick because you’re not fully protected yet. It takes two weeks, but it’s not the shot. The other thing is, you could get another virus that’s not the flu. They can only put a few, That’s right. In the shot. So they take the odds. Thank you, Dr. Rachel, yes. They take the odds. Like you’re betting on horses. (audience claps) Yes all right. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s exactly right. Or in other words, a different flu strain, which you, ya, you know this. It’s sort of like handicapping horses, right? That’s what you doctors are doing when you pick which viruses you put in it. Ya, they pick the three or four they think is most likely circulating. But you can get another type of flu, that’s not in the vaccine. So it’s possible. You can get another virus, None of these things are a hundred percent. They’re not a hundred percent, but the point being is, if you get the flu, it’s not because of the shot. That’s the most important thing. If you get the flu, it’s cause of some other reason. But he shot didn’t give it to you. So get the shot. It’ll give you better odds at staying healthy. Absolutely. (audience claps) (audience cheers) (chimes)

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