Cognitive Communication Rehabilitation | San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi, my name is Debbie Moore and I’m a Speech
Language Pathologist at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. A Traumatic Brain Injury is damage to the
brain as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, with or without loss of consciousness. For example, as a result of a motor vehicle
accident or a fall. A Traumatic Brain Injury occurs every 13 seconds
in the United States. A brain injury may be mild to severe, often
resulting in cognitive communication deficits. Here at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation
Hospital, we provide both inpatient and outpatient speech language pathology services to improve
the cognitive communication function in a traumatic brain injury survivor. The focus of cognitive communication treatment
is to improve the survivor’s cognitive ability, to return as close as possible to their prior
level of function. Some of the areas of cognitive communication
rehabilitation we treat include orientation in memory, including immediate memory, short-term
memory, working memory and long-term memory. Sequencing the steps to a functional activity
of daily living, problem solving and safety awareness, money and time management, medication
management and executive function, including planning, organization, initiating and executing.

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