Cody Brummett’s Story – TriStar Centennial Medical Center

(light music) – I had a burning sensation in my chest, shortness of breath, it
started just feeling like I was gonna blackout and
this happened quickly, like over the course of
two or three minutes. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground you know, people were
around me, I was coming to and an ambulance was on its way. – Cody Brummett I remember
the phone call like it was yesterday. It was early morning hours in November. My colleague, Dr. Paul
Kudelko, who is one of our outstanding cardiologists
who practices north of the city gave me a
phone call saying that he had a very critical patient on the table who had had a vtach arrest
and was in bad shape. – What he had had was a
critical left main stenosis, which is the mother of
all nightmares for any interventional cardiologist. I was aware that they
had put together a shock team downtown and within those
first two or three pictures I was on the phone with the
cardiac surgeons team downtown, Dr. Ready. – When I first initially
met Cody was in our CCU and so we actually took
him down immediately to the cath lab where you
know, we made a couple of diagnosis that were critical early on. We found that his heart as
a pump was extremely weak, was not able to provide
sufficient blood flow to the rest of his body. It was actually at that
point that we decided to enroll the help of some
of our other colleagues here at Centennial to
initiate a life support system for him called, ECMO. – Cody presented with basically
cardiovascular failure and he ultimately ended up on ECMO. I was specifically asked
to fix a hole that he had in his external back
artery and so what I ended up doing was placing a
covered stint across that area and that was able to stop the bleeding. The collaborative environment,
it’s really a part of the culture that we have here. And one of the things that
I find very unique here is that we really don’t have boundaries. – ECMO is a short form for
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, this support
allowed Cody to make a recovery and leave the hospital,
neurologically intact and with his heart significantly improved. ECMO has improved as the
cannulas have gotten better, the pumps have gotten
better but I think despite all the mechanical
advances, the real advance comes with people, right? You have to have the team
that can quickly be called upon, to come together
to deploy that technology both appropriately and expeditiously. – I would say my sort of
belief system is you know, to offer top notch quality
of care from a collaborative kind of multi disciplinary approach. – I have complete and total
trust literally with my life with the staff at
Centennial Medical Center.

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