CMU’s latest health clinic

I call this my calling, it is my passion. I have worked in a hospital since I’ve been age thirteen and that’s why I’m here. Dr. Kakano who is our Dean of the College of Medicine wanted a clinic where we could serve the community and faculty and staff. I am primary and then we have a whole dream team I call it of specialists so that if a patient needs
to get into a specialist we have that here for them. First and foremost I mean like most other physicians, MD’s or DO’s I mean we went to school to be physicians not to be administrators or educators I personally would never accept the position unless you have a chance to continue to see patients. Part of us opening this clinic and the past past year here is to meet the demand for the community by providing high quality easy access best services
primary care for the local community within CMU and outside. Its seen patients I really am a clinician at heart at the end of day it’s being able to use some of the technologies that we can bring to help evaluate them and bring whatever
skills that I can to help them to to get better and whatever that maybe.

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