Clinical Research at The Corvallis Clinic

At The Corvallis Clinic, we realize with
research, new treatments can be discovered. With clinical research, we can
provide treatment options not yet available to the general public. When you
participate in clinical research at The Corvallis Clinic, you will receive the
best care. Our patients feel like it’s the greatest care they’ve ever received.
I lost a dear friend to C-diff, and really want to help find a prevention
for this disease. After surviving a brain aneurysm, I wanted to give back to
medical science. The experience has been very positive and I look forward to my
appointments. The studies are being done, right here in Corvallis. With our team we
have the time to get to know our patients to provide the care they need.
The clinical research center, at The Corvallis Clinic, helps patients manage
their disease or condition better. It’s all the best things about nursing. The
clinical research center at The Corvallis Clinic, participating in
studies to improve medicines and therapies for better health. We are
treating the future.

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