Clinical Partner Spotlight: Northeast Community Clinic

Northeast Community Clinic is a nonprofit
organization. We currently have 12 locations throughout the LA County. We are opening up another one in the Valley so we are looking those students who are graduating and
are looking towards the Valley. It is a great organization again nonprofit — those
services are dedicated to pediatrics, all the way up to geriatric, family practice,
women’s health, mental health and again now we’re going to dental care. We are looking for front and back-office
medical assistants. We are also looking for dental assistants — we’re opening up a new clinic in our Wilmington office so anyone who is a DA or RDA, that’s a great
location we’re starting to staff up for. For the medical assistants, anywhere from
registration clerks, referral clerks, medical records, front office, back office. Any alum who have any experience under their belt, we are looking for leads
so that’s an opportunity there. We also have a past graduate who was in their LVN program who is now one of our clinical managers, so she’s worked her way up and now is running her own clinic. Very outgoing, very approachable, very
knowledgeable from what our clinic managers have given us as far as their
feedback and far as their externs so we’re super excited about that and just keep
doing what you’re doing and we will continue to hire. I believe that events like this is a great opportunity for your students to come and meet with employers and see what employers are
looking for. It also gives us an opportunity to see how they are looking,
making sure they’re taking pride in themselves as well — their uniforms look
amazing, their hair is great — just like they would go into class their
first day is hopefully the way that they’re going to be walking out on their
last day, to the T. That’s what we’re looking for.

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