Clinic will be one of first in KC area to prescribe medical marijuana cards

Missouri Cannabis Clinic,
I started because of my family. So my mom and my dad are both medical
marijuana patients in Michigan. My mom uses it to treat
her fibromyalgia and my dad uses it to treat his PTSD and
also chronic pain. And when they first were trying to become
patients in Michigan, it was really, really difficult to find
a doctor who was willing to do anything with medical marijuana,
very hesitant to sign the certifications. So here in Missouri, legalization for
medical marijuana recently happened. And we wanted to make it
as easy as possible for patients to get their
medical marijuana cards. So when a patient makes an appointment
with us, they come in, they bring their medical records with them,
their state license, or their state ID. And they’re able to see
a doctor who can provide them with a medical
marijuana certification.>>In my experience, in working with
colleagues and other physicians and other pharmacists, a lot of people just
don’t know a lot about marijuana and its benefits. And so they’re reluctant to ever recommend
it because they are not educated enough on it. And so that’s kind of where I saw
an opportunity to help is to kind of help close that gap between providers who
don’t know with providers who do kind of know the benefits of it. And then help make it more accessible for
those patients who it does benefit.>>For most of my childhood, my mom,
she was diagnosed, I think, back in 2003, with fibromyalgia. And so for most of my childhood, she was trying different pain medications
that had varying kinds of side effects. And now to see her, I’m an adult,
and to see her using marijuana, it’s completely different. The whole time I just thought my mom was
grumpy, [LAUGH] when I was a kid, but it turns out she was in
really intense pain.>>I have dealt with
a number of individuals, treating individuals’ chronic pain and
wellness issues. But this’ll be the first time having
the availability of this medical product. Medicine is somewhat slow to
adapt to new treatment paradigms. Utilizing marijuana for chronic pain,
chronic medical conditions, is relatively new. And I think we’re at the cusp,
this is at the beginning, and medical research will follow what we do. The demand is unbelievably high,
people want to feel better. It’s a legal way of obtaining
medications to maybe one, reduce opioid dependence or
use or to eliminate it. So it offers a whole new frontier.

3 thoughts on “Clinic will be one of first in KC area to prescribe medical marijuana cards

  1. good you are doing this. please dont follow others though and take advantage of patients by charging outrageous prices.

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