6 thoughts on “Clinic Final Thoughts

  1. I can't wrap my head around thematic justification for making doctors worse at their job for actually working in the real world. Nor the fact that you can make patients wait around and have their condition worsen and actually be rewarded for it, and while they get worse each round the patients you haven't taken into your waiting rooms have somehow stayed the same. Perhaps a point bonus for treating patients the round you pick them up and a point loss for every round you make a patient wait would add some thematic realism to the game. Nobody would ever recommend a clinic where they entered a waiting room with a cough, were forced to wait 3 [periods of time] until their illness had become nearly fatal, and only then finally received treatment. They'd be very vocal about how horribly that clinic treated them.

  2. Out of curiosity @rahdo have you seen either of two 'medical dossier' expansions for this game?  Have any thoughts on them if you have?  I'm considering picking them up but they're quite pricey – about the price of an entire game each – but I feel like this is one game designer I want to really support.

  3. Before I watched your videos, I rarely played euro games and spent most of my gaming time playing ameritrash games. Now after watching clinic and a few other videos of yours, I now realise the joys that euro gaming can provide. I would like to thank you for that.

  4. Richard, are you excited about the new version being printed with nice components and Ian O'Toole art?

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