Clinic Delivers False Alzheimer Diagnoses?

– More than five million
Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s. The diagnosis can be very devastating. In Toledo, Ohio, more than
50 people are suing a clinic? Why? They claim they were falsely diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This is a very interesting
story with many nuances and joining us via Skype is Shawn, who says he was one of
those falsely diagnosed. Shawn, number one, I’m
sorry because I think, like a diagnosis of cancer, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is devastating. What tests did they do and
how did this even come about? – I was referred to a
Toledo clinic here in town by my family doctor. At that point, they sent
me to the cognitive center, where I met with Mrs. Jenkins. They ordered a PET scan, some lab work. I already had a order for
an MRI to be completed and two weeks later, at my
second appointment with her, she diagnosed me with early
onset Alzheimer’s disease. – You just said “Mrs. Jenkins.” So were you seeing a physician
or what were her credentials? – As I understand it, she does
not have any licenses at all. (crowd gasps) She referred to herself as Dr. Jenkins, but I do not refer to
her that way anymore. – So who was authorizing
these tests to be done? – She was ordering them and
her husband was signing them. – Her husband’s a physician. – She was a PhD but not
licensed in anything and I guess she used her
husband, the physician… – Right, to sign off on the orders. – And more importantly, the billing. – At this point, this is all alleged, but, Shawn, is the idea in
your suit that these diagnoses were being made so they could
then profit off of treatments? And if so, what kind of treatments were they offering you all? – Herself, she pretty much did
just counseling and so forth, and giving ideas on how to
boost your memory and things, but the majority of the care was then referred to other
physicians at the Toledo clinic. – So what I’m trying to
dig deeper for here is trying to figure out the reasoning, beyond the obvious one
would be to make money. What I’m a little confused
by in this scenario is the end game because all the tests are
being ordered no matter what and with these 50 plus patients being allegedly misdiagnosed, that’s where I’m just having
a lot of trouble with this. – Clearly, I mean, I know
these are alleged claims, but clearly money is the end game here, that they were having the
patients come back again. “Let’s re-test you, “let’s do another battery
of cognitive testing.”

2 thoughts on “Clinic Delivers False Alzheimer Diagnoses?

  1. Awful.

    Lawsuits accuse center’s director of medical fraud –

  2. What most people don't realize is that Alzheimer's cannot be definitively diagnosed until an autopsy is performed. When a living patient is "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's, it's a guess, or "presumptive diagnosis".

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