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“Good afternoon Battersea Dogs” and Cat’s Home Vet Clinic” “Emma speaking, how can I help?” I love working in the rescue environment It’s really nice to be able to be there for animals which don’t have any owners So you have to kind of be their owner and kind of look after them in a more involved way and just make sure that they’re happy and content “I’m just going to check on the dogs that had their operations yesterday” My role is very varied “Hello” In the morning we’ll check on the animals that have had operations from the previous day “So Tiki had a spay yesterday” “She’s recovered really well from the anesthetic” “So we just do a check of everything” “You shouldn’t really be jumping” We’ll just go in and give them a full checkover Check any wounds that they’ve got “Yeah her wounds looking really good” Just check that they’re eating ok So give them some breakfast Give them any treatment that they need They’re often on a course of pain relief If they’ve had surgery “Good girl” As veterinary nurses we do a lot of different jobs You’ll be looking after different animals each day One day you might be in theatre collecting animals for their operations for the day Giving them their pre-medications Monitoring their anesthetics and then monitoring their recoveries from their operations In theatre, we have a lot going on on a daily basis So we can have up to 6 vets in theatre and up to about seven nurses in theatre each day so it’s a really busy area The nurses will all bring the dogs down in the morning from their kennels The vet will give the anesthetic and then the nurse’s responsibility will be to monitor their anesthetic record all their observations so check their heart rates breathing rates and other observations We will check in on the dog’s blood pressure Just to make sure the blood pressure isn’t getting too low because there can be complications So the variety of ops we do is quite complex and obviously do need highly skilled veterinary surgeons and nurses as well that can sort of monitor these procedures and can look after them after their operations which is quite time consuming and heavily involved Obviously we are very lucky to be able to do these procedures and have sort of the level of expertise within the veterinary clinic that we do On other days you’ll be doing checks in the other kennel areas or in the cattery “Looks like he’s had bloods” “from his neck” Looking after the animals who are in-patients in the wards so they might be quite poorly With various different conditions Or they might be recovering from Some quite major surgeries Patch had surgery with us about a month ago So we’re just checking how he’s doing So yeah we can see Patch is walking around on his leg where he’s had the surgery on his hip So everything is going well with him “Hello” So Fizz came in as a stray He has really really bad skin So really thickened a lot of hair loss Alopecia “Just gonna do a skin scrape” “which just takes some of the skin cells” “put them onto a microscope slide” “and then we can look at those under” “a microscope to see if he’s got any” “parasites or mites or anything” “which might be causing his bad skin” ” I think let’s get one obviously” “from the back area somewhere” “to start with” We didn’t find anything under the microscope on the skin scrape So it will be a case of supportive treatment for his skin And then it will just be a case of time really just to help his skin heal and just to make sure he is kept comfortable before he can be rehomed It is really frustrating Obviously we do get animals brought in in really bad condition they’ve clearly not been looked after You’ll make one animal get better and then the next day you’ll have another animal come in in a bad condition so its sort of never ending really and it is a battle sometimes It really is a team effort so our nurses and the vets work together really well to obviously give the animals what they need Communication is obviously really important between team members And everyone kind of collaborates together to produce the best outcomes for the animals For me the best thing about working at Battersea and doing this job would be to see the animal’s whole journey so to see them arrive to check them over give them anything they need to help them and just sort of seeing them progress throughout their stay so if they get poorly obviously nursing them Making them feel better making sure they have everything they need and then to see them go to a new home at the end which is is definitely my favourite part of the job

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