Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Completes Phase I of Expansion

>>Access to health care in rural parts of
this area can be difficult. But Rochester Regional Health is trying to fix that.
Christian Garzon is in the newsroom now Christian what’s their plan?>>Maureen, this
is going to encompass a total of over 50,000 square feet of the canvass and
will be a 32 million-dollar two-phase plan phase one wrapped up today bringing
in Clifton Springs medical care that includes upgraded physical therapy, rehab,
radiology modifications, and other highlights. The president and CEO of
Rochester Regional Health says this brings things to Clifton Springs that
have always been a part of the hospital but look and feel brand new. And
president of the eastern region for Rochester Regional tells us what
additional care features patients can expect.>>They’re going to see modernized ORs,
they’re going to see modernized women’s health services, physical therapy, rehab
even some of the back space that we have in their sterile processing is brand new.>>Rochester Regional Health is all about trying to bring care close to home,
make it easy for patients to access care and you know Clifton Springs as a
hospital has been a beacon of hope for the community.>>This project is partially funded through the Lisk-Morris Family Community
Challenge which is matching local donations up to 1.5 million dollars
through the end of the year.>>All right Christian thank you.
Rochester Regional and Clifton Springs have to have this part of the project
completed by the end of next year.

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