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♪ There’s an enormous excitement that something different is about to happen. A different way of delivering patient care. We have an opportunity to really make this the most impressive hospital in the world. We will bring the best of the Cleveland Clinic We will integrate it with the best of UK healthcare. That, together, will be Cleveland Clinic London ♪ The way we treat each other and we treat patients really transcends geographical boundaries, social boundaries, religious boundaries… What we do here is something very special and has a universal and truly global appeal. Whether it’s in Cleveland Abu Dhabi, Canada, Florida… our north star is patients first. We’ve been working very hard to create what we call “team of teams,” and specialized caregivers that can provide care that may not be available in other parts of the country. We are a physician-led organization, so that the physician leadership brings a patient perspective into all decision making. We don’t have shareholders. When we are successful, we simply take those funds and put it back into the system. Research and education is clearly part of the mission and making that happen in the private sector in the UK is groundbreaking. We do have an opportunity to really collaborate with the existing healthcare partners there to elevate the healthcare that’s delivered in London and the broader UK. We’re going to bring the very essence of the Cleveland Clinic; a real focus on clinical care, research, and education. ♪ Private medical care in London is mostly in the Harley street area. We have purposely chosen a unique location because we are bringing to London a unique model of care. We’re keeping the existing façade, so retaining that kind of heritage, but behind that will be one of the most up-to-date, technologically innovative hospitals in the country. So combining the best of the old world with the new. The technology is years ahead of anything we have available at the moment. Some of these things you see are just standard for you here in the USA, but for us that will be revolutionary. We’ll have 8 operating theaters, a full imaging suite, endoscopy, cath labs, a full neuro suite with rehab and 200 patient rooms. The focus of the hospital will be in high acuity services, heart and vascular disease, neurological diseases, digestive disease and orthopedics. But it’s a general hospital. We will not have pediatrics. And we will not have obstetrics. We will have all other services. We have all the specialists available that will be there for the things that may happen. We can truly say if you’re in this hospital we can take care of you. ♪ I really do not believe that our mission, domestically or internationally, is any different. I believe that we as an organization have to strive to improve the lives of as many patients as we can by coming as close to them as possible. Bringing that new level of innovation, new level of healthcare, new level of patient experience can only be a good thing for both patients in the UK but also global patients as well. The best of UK medicine with the best of the US medicine. I mean the opportunities are limitless, really. London allows us a chance to showcase the wonderful model that we’ve developed and showcase it not just to London, not only to the United Kingdom, but really to showcase it to the world. ♪

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