Clear Your Skin and Look Younger with IPL-Watch Intense Pulse Light with Before After Picture

hi I’m dr. Johnny we’re talking about
something a little different for me today and that’s IPL or intense pulse
light I don’t often talk about it but twenty years ago it was a staple of my
practice lasers light therapy and I used to do a lot of co2 laser as well about
10 years ago but we’re revisiting IPL today because one of our viewers asked
hey I don’t see you use a lot of lasers IPL’s not laser it’s broadband light but
I’m gonna show you a treatment today and just let you know where what it is and
how if it’s in the practice combination treatments are the best and IPL is broad
spectrum of light and you can add filters we use a great VR device it has
several filters to do different things to actually target different areas on
the face be it red spots it’s probably one of the best treatments overall for
rosacea for most people brown spots solar keratosis some people have
freckles that initially they’re like I love my freckles I don’t want them gone
but years later they’re brown spots there’s solar spots so we can remove
those skin tightening pores light reflection it even treats
musculoskeletal disorders so IPL does many many things we use it with fillers
/ fillers is a way to do this and I’m gonna go to some footage now we’ll show
you an IPL being done so here you see the light flash and we have a filter on
now 4sr or skin rejuvenation and that is going to help tighten the skin brighten
the skin it will address some Reds some rounds and some pore size but there’s
also specific filters if that’s a problem for the patient so often I’ll do
the SR and I’ll come back and then retarget the reds or browns as the
patient points out specific areas now once you get settings for your patient
then I’m going to use these settings and build off them for future treatments
this patient’s going to come back for several of these treatments think about
four to six this art and then a few a year and they were
great with plasma glow with fillers with Botox and Dysport and with plasma sculpt
so it all works together you can see I’m moving along sequentially I’m looking
for the endpoint on the patient’s skin but much more important to me is pain or
discomfort the pages of pain or discomfort that’s what can lead to a
burn these devices now are amazing and that it’s you can put in the skin type
of the patient and you can go up or down in your joules
you can increase or decrease pulse duration and do multiple pulses per
millisecond so you can really tune them and adjust them to patients comfort and
get amazing results without the burns that we had 20 years ago
so that’s IPL broad base light it works incredible someone asked me to do an
overview of it if there’s other lasers or devices that you want us to talk
about let us know and to request them I’ve done many of these procedures for
many many years we don’t talk about them a lot on this channel because most
people come in and they want to watch here and see facial fillers and collagen
stimulation and plasma skull go to Instagram you can see her before and
afters join us here subscribe for continued helpful tips keep your skin
and body beautiful healthy

6 thoughts on “Clear Your Skin and Look Younger with IPL-Watch Intense Pulse Light with Before After Picture

  1. Thank you. That was fascinating. I’m a uk aesthetic doctor and have just had facial IPL and was surprisingly impressed.
    I’d love you to do a video on CO2 laser use and radio frequency.

  2. Thank you!! Is IPL good for wrinkles? Ok if you have fillers while doing IPL? How many do you recommend a year?

  3. Doctor, what do you think about Hanacure facial? Is it worth it?
    I gives amazing glow but not sure if has long lasting benefits.

  4. Can this procedure cause facial fat atrophy since it is a heat device? Also, can a patient on 20mg of accutane a day have this procedure done?

  5. Would you please talk about rejuvenation with Nd YAG laser Candella for rejuvenation and how is effective and your experience?

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