Claria Jarjoura Interview – Rehabilitation

My name is Claria Jarjoura, I had been a French teacher for 30 years before I retired, My work here in Al-Kalima school is the Library sectarian in addition to a very important task of being responsible of the activities in the school whether cultural, artistic or any other kind in 2018, the school was threatened to have its license removed that same year was a turning point for the schools’ fate a fundraise started by Father Betros Kassis and Mr. Majd Lahdo and donations were collected from many organizations one of the main donors were Caritas Poland who participated in the rehabilitation and restoring of the school
to become in the condition that you now see we opened the school in 16 September 2019 we received students from KG1 and up to the 9th grade almost 850 students in total and around 90 staff members between teachers and managers the classrooms have big capacity and they are comfortable for the students which is something very important considering the long time they spend from 8 am to 3 pm in their classrooms even though we call it Al-Kalima school but it is actually
more like complete educational institution because it includes all the stages and it aims to work on the student not only from the educational aspect but also to build their personality and character
in addition to the indoor and outdoor activities as a primary level they study the child and what he/she needs on every aspect
to start working on all this to have a healthy individual and a well-educated generation that we can rebuild through them our country
in a beautiful way the war had a big impact especially on children who can not always comprehend the surrounding situations the war affected their mentality and they no longer live a normal life we try to deliver the educational material to them in a new way
we are hoping for the best if we can improve the children status who have gone through the war suffering with the new boards we plan to open a new white page and like the last Math class which was written on the board and stayed there for all the
years of war we want to write many new pages and stay in the minds of our students we promise that the best is yet to come…

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