Claire Tomlinson, PA-C: Physician Assistant at Summit Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

My name is Claire Tomlinson. I am a PA. I went to Belmont University here in Nashville. I studied Exercise Science with a minor in Athletic Training. After graduating from Belmont, I moved down to Birmingham, Alabama to pursue my Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Alabama Birmingham’s surgically focused PA program. My path was leading me towards physician therapy. I’ve always loved anatomy. I’ve loved working with people in health care and bettering their lives through health. And I kind of found
along the way that a medical career was something that interested me a great deal. I discovered the PA path kind of satisfied both what I was looking for in a professional goal as
well as a personal life goal. I’m recently married and my husband and I are both from the Nashville area so we have a fairly large family base here. Family is very important
to us so we’re very blessed to have them close by. Vascular was something that, I think,
came into my life unexpectedly but I have found a love for it. It is definitely something where you can truly make a big impact, a big difference in peoples’ lives. I work with
Dr. Billy Kim, vascular surgeon here at TSC. Pretty much every day we’ll start at the hospital to provide follow-up care for post-surgical patients or long-term care for people needing surveillance within the gene study such as ultrasound or CT scans. A lot of people come to us with very significant pain, very significant problems and we are able to give them their functionality back. You know, it’s not just minor adjustments. It is a significant change in how they feel and a significant improvement in their daily activity and what they’re able
to do. I think that The Surgical Clinic is a great collection of highly educated providers across a variety of specialties that creates an environment where people can collaborate and reach out to one another to provide better care for patients – and ultimately, that’s
what we are all striving to achieve.

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