CIWEC Clinic and Travel Medicine Center, Lainchaur , Kathmandu, Nepal

Paramarhsa Namaster and Welcome to the show ” Paramarsha” In this show we will provide you information from various areas. Today also we are bringing you a show with helpful information Lets start the program with this report CIWEC CLINIC, Lainchair, Kathmandu At a glance this building looks like a 5 star hotel, But this is not a hotel this is CIWEC Clinic and Travel Medicine Center. This is a Hospital located in a modern custom built, well equipped facility Situated in the heart of Kathmandu at Lainchaur opposite to the British Embassy, This is the CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center which is catered mostly to expatriates and tourist visiting Nepal and provide services to nationalities from all over the world , expatriates living in Nepal and tourists travelling in Nepal. Because of Nepal’s environment , natural beauty, and affordability , Medical Tourism has been growing. This clinic has been a major contribution to Nepal’s Medical Tourism . This CIWEC clinic provide services to nationalities from all over the world , expatriates living in Nepal and tourists travelling in Nepal. CIWEC Clinic is dedicated in providing affordable and compassionate medical care of western standard in the most efficient manner. This health facility carries 32 years of history. This clinic was started in 1982 as a Canadian aid project and later went on to providing health services to its staff. Later it grew from a Nursing Home to Medical Center to CIWEC Hospital Pvt. Ltd. in 2013. Situated in Lazimpat in the heart of Kathmandu, across from the British Embassy CIWEC Hospital has been providing various kinds of health services and has also been the major center of Research for studying diseases from around the world. CIWEC Hospital has put Nepal in a prominent place in the world of International Travel Medicine. However even though we are best known around the world for our contribution to travel medicine research, in the end CIWEC Hospital exists to offer a resource for those who are sick and in a foreign environment. Dr.Prativa Pandey: CIWEC hospital started in 1982 as the Canadian International Water and Energy Consultants ( CIWEC) . This clinic was started in 1982 as a Canadian aid project and later went on to providing health services to its staff. It consisted of American doctors and Foreign Nurses and started functioning in 1982. At that moment expats and tourist in Nepal also started using their services. Nepalese could not avail the services here at that point In 1996 the clinic became known as Mehnla Nursing home and had authorization from the Nepalese government to operate, and the mandate limited its scope to the people in the CIWEC project only. Last year in 2013 we registered as CIWEC Hospital Pvt. Ltd and today our journey has been for 32 years. This clinic caters to mostly foreigners and nearly 90% comprises of expats and tourists. Nepali citizen also use their services . This clinic is known internationally both for high level of care afforded to patients and for its reliable research and information about health risks in Nepal. Dr. Prativa: We are mostly known as a Travel Medicine Center. It is a new specialty that provides health services to patient that travel from one country to another and CIWEC focuses on providing services to them. We also conduct research on Tourist that come to Nepal and get sick or Travel to various places and come to Nepal with different kinds of diseases. Also with Nepalese, a lot of them go abroad today to work or live there and come back after years and tell us they have heard of CIWEC and our services. We recently had two patients from Africa who has come with malaria. So we also focus on providing services to those kinds of patiens Being a Travel Medicine Center CIWEC also provides services to tourist that come to Nepal for trekking or mountaineering and suffer from High Altitude Illness , Trauma and Fractures. We also have patient that come in emergency , cardiac arrests, diarrhorea, common cold, skin diseases, pneumonia, high altitude etc. We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We provide various kind of specialty services as well. CIWEC Clinic provided service in General Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Physio- therapy, Radiology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Pathalogy, Outpatient Services and Dental This clinic provided services to problems faced by tourist while trekking or mountaineering. They also provide travel advices to people travelling to Nepal and other parts of the world. Dr. Rashila Pradhan ( Physician) : First and foremost we need to find out what diseases the patient is suffering from. After which we discuss and decide on the the mesures to be taken. Most of the patients coming to CIWEC are suffering mainly from Diarrhorea. Besides that there is also high volume of patients that are suffering common cold and respiratory problems. also skin diseases and fever These are the four main problems we see. Also because we are a Travel Medicine Center , We also have patients coming in with High Altitude related Illnesses. We have developed into a center that specializes on providing services to patient with High Altitude Sickness. The most frequent visitors to the clinic are suffering from Diarrhorea. Suggestions that i give to such patients are first and foremost is water , clean water, and fresh foods What we suggests to our patients is to use mineral water or boiled / filtered water as much as possible with the trust that mineral water bottles are safe and pure. I do not recomment particular brand but suggest them to use bottled mineral water. we also suggest them to eat cooked food, hot foods, fresh foods avoid food that are kept in the refrigerator as Nepal suffers from load shedding problems we advice tourists to avoid salad as much as possible and to avoid uncooked food This clinic operates 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. It also provides emergency service. The Clinic provides clean and hygienic environment The doctors , nurses and all medical and non medical staff are committed in provided excellent services to their patients and visitors. Karina Anderson, Denmark Karina Anderson, Denmark Dr. Prativa Pandey: They are all very happy with our services and are surprised that this type of service is available here in Nepal. They also tell us they wish this type of small set up was available in America and Australia where the doctors are specialized in their subjects and the volume of the patients are also small and so the lab results, x-ray results all come out faster. The patients get diagnosed and gest to home fast So i feel the patietns are are very satisfied and give us reviews and send us letters and emails from time to time thank us for the services and also provide suggestions on how to improve in various areas because of all this we have been able to survive for 32 long years and are on the verge of expanding Because of all the support we are moving to POKHARA very soon. We cannot just talk to them for just 2 min and diagnose. They are prefer that we provide them time and ask questions and history provide them with long explanation on what has happened to them how we are going to treat them and what medicine will be subscribed For example before giving them Intravenous Saline we explain all steps to them and take their permission A lot of tourist that come have insurance and we also coordinate with their insurance company and interact with their Insurance Providers. Something we call and talk to their personal doctors , family members , parents abroad This Clinic has been able to satisfy their patients and thier family members. CIWEC Hospital has become a popular center among tourist visiting Nepal We have a major network for the Travel Medicine Community called Geo Sential It consists of 55 sites in different countries around the world we have created a Central Database that provides information of where they travel and what kind if diseases they inccur. We have released various research papers regarding this What we have discovered now is they the people that leave thier country and go live in another are more prone to get sick when they return to their home country they avoid taking precautions like regular tourists and suffer from similar problems Its called “Visiting Friends and Relatives” Or via far We have seen that those people are more prone to getting sick from our research It would be nice to provide these services to the Nepalese people Another issue i would like to point that is regarding the migrants workers that go abroad from Nepal They have not been provided proper coaching and they have been losing their lives . I wish there would be some kind of research conducted for this issue Visitors coming to Nepal enjoy our culture, natural beauty and also take services from our medical facilities. CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center has become the first choice for expats and tourist living and travelling in Nepal. The clinic is known internationally both for the high level of care afforded to patients and for its reliable research and information about health risks in Nepal. email: [email protected] We have come to the end of this program. Namaste. Thank you !

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