Cirque Lodge Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

I thought I had a really normal life. Life
was good, I had a very nice corporate career. I had been an executive in the clothing
business. I was going to school. I thought my life was pretty manageable.
My problem was, after everyone went home, I didn’t stop. Smoking pot,running
around and doing the whole bar scene. I deserved to have these cocktails or pills. Life before I
came into recovery was an absolute nightmare. My life was centered around getting, using. Three to four bottles of wine everyday. I was hooked on prescription
pills. Alcohol controlled everything that I did. I had no life. When I knew I was in trouble and tried
to get off, I just couldn’t. It took precedence over everything in my life, my
wife, my work, my child, my family, everyone. I was literally dying inside. I
was losing everything. I just felt like an empty shell of a person. I
can’t live like this anymore. I had lost everything, my home, my
marriage, my child. I was angry, upset and tortured. My family started suffering because their
mommy wasn’t present, the wife wasn’t present. I was very desperate, I didn’t know what to do. At the point of giving up. I just wanted
to kill myself. I was actually in my car, in a garage, with it running. Suicide
attempt three different times. There was death or there was coming to get help. I needed help and I needed it now, or else I was gonna die. My sister found out that I was there
and helped lead me to Cirque Lodge. When I was in the detox center, my
roommate was coming up here to Cirque Lodge and he gave me a video presentation that told me about it
and I watched that and I said, that’s what I need. I started searching, I wanted something that
was set in a majestic area, because I knew that nature would help me heal and I just started calling and the first second I called Cirque, I knew it was the place. Fortunately my wife through the internet discovered the Cirque. They talk about the
spirit of the mountain here at Cirque Lodge and it’s the most beautiful place you
can imagine. At any season of the year you can feel the presence here of healing and recovery. Cirque Lodge is
named for the beautiful glacier carved cascade cirque, high in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky
Mountains. It’s a natural glacial amphitheater. The Latin word “amphi” means on both
sides. On one side of the cirque is the Lodge and on the other is the Studio. The Studio has a fabulous unobstructed view of majestic twelve
thousand-foot Mount Timpanogos. The Studio is a hundred
thousand-square-foot facility. The Sound Stage itself is 17,000 square feet and it houses the most
effective challenge ropes course in the world. It has an unparalleled multimedia light
and sound system available to enhance the therapeutic experience. Through both locations, Cirque
Lodge combines a traditional twelve-step program with the finest cognitive and
experiential therapies. Another definition of the word “Cirque” is a ring, which represents a
holistic approach balancing body, mind and spirit. A lot of
it is the nature, it’s just feeling free and amazed that this is here in the United States
on our planet this incredible creation. It’s a gift from God and I looked at it
as this was the gift he gave me, to find myself
up here in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain and just set myself free.
It’s just gorgeous. It’s so gorgeous, it’s breathtaking. It’s
like watching a movie and you said, man I wish I was there, that’s what this
place is like. I was sitting on the mountain one day, just thinking, you know this is probably the best time I’ve had in my
life and I’ve had nothing, so maybe I should try
nothing. It’s just so peaceful, It’s like you’re in another world, it’s just so relaxing. The minute I walked in, I thought this is probably gonna be okay, this is gonna be alright and the reason I think I felt that is
because this beautiful, wonderful place that you’re in, it’s incredible. I’ve never seen any place like
that before myself. I felt special, you know, I mean it’s just this beautiful,
warm, loving, caring environment. To me it’s just the most
beautiful place in the world now, is the Cirque Lodge and the Cirque Lodge
blends perfectly into the mountains and the surrounding with its big cedar beams and the stone
and the glass everywhere and its just an incredible,
beautiful experience. Both the Lodge and the Studio are private, safe and confidential. When you walk into
the Studio, it’s a warm and friendly environment. It’s a beautiful place to be. There’s oil paintings on the walls,
comfortable couches everywhere, it really make me feel like
you’re at home. They have down comforters on all the beds. Originally constructed as a
motion picture and television production studio, it is the perfect location to explore the
rewards of healing and recovery. Well, when you’re
up at the lodge in the fall, of course the leaves are just incredible changing
color and you feel the power and the majesty
of the mountain and all the beauty. When I come up here to meditate, what I’m usually doing is I’m reflecting on what I want out of life and in coming up here and looking at the mountains it gives you hope and you just
want more out of life, you just realize there’s so much more in life. This world
has so much to offer. Life’s too short to not take advantage
of it. If I were to have dreamt the way I would want to have a treatment
center and to have the capability to put it
together it would be like Cirque Lodge. I have
found Cirque Lodge to be the home of the finest, loving wisdom about recovery that I have ever
seen. It is bar none the finest treatment
center of giving that patient everything they
can get and I believe it’s one level of the aesthetics but I
also believe that it’s with the staff. By the time
we get to treatment our self-esteem is a very low ebb. We want
this to be a great experience. I want this to be the greatest
experience of their lives. The Cirque Lodge staff conduct a battery of tests to gain information on how the disease
of addiction has affected each person. This helps focus the staff in creating a
treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each individual. We’re treating each person as a very specific individual who the dynamics
vary person to person and I believe that our assessment,
rigorous assessment process honors the fact that we’re dealing with
individuals. They are a staff that exceeds the patient and the family’s expectations and that’s what I look for as a referent.
People are in a fight for their lives here at Cirque Lodge so we wanted to create a variety of
venues to help them feel an internal shift. What we’re asking these people to do
is give up the strategy and the tool that they’ve been using, their drug
of choice, and embrace a whole new way of living. I learned a
lot from those horses. I learned how to ask for help and through that I finally started asking people such as my counselors and my friends what I could do what I needed and when I couldn’t do something for my self, I would ask them to help me and that was very empowering. The Cirque Lodge equine experience helps
residents learn to communicate better. When a person feels misunderstood, it is
common to blame the other person, but when one interacts with a horse,
one cannot blame the horse and the experience supports
learning about themselves in a gentle therapeutic way. We believe
that our equine experience here is really the preeminent equine
experience in the entire country. We have an indoor arena so we could do
all kinds of work regardless of the weather. We are fully self-contained. The horses
actually stay here all the time, so the residents are involved with caring for them. We’re trying to give
them a 360 degree program, where the really truly start to
understand the horse, they feel and they touch him, he recognizes them and they work with him and all the while the resident comes to understand that they are the leader, they’re the one that
has to show the horse the way. Along with the most effective
professional counseling methodology, the real difference in Cirque Lodge is
the experiential therapy. These activities help the staff learn
how each person reacts in different circumstances and how to
individualize the entire program to best meet their needs. Just get
back up, there you go, just turn around. Focus, focus, get
centered again. Watch your focus point. When a person
comes to treatment, they begin learning that there are
alternative coping strategies that bring the kind of reduction in
suffering that the use of addictive substances had brought, but without the negative consequences.
This helps them to let go of the coping strategy that brings suffering and embrace life strategies
that provide positive consequences. This is a process and not an event, and as people experience
this process, they gain hope that they can find greater
benefit in more healthy ways to deal with life. SCREAM!!! At Cirque Lodge they took us heli-hiking. The lodge has its own private helicopter that’s been named the Rainbow. It’s smooth and safe and they took us to special places only accessible from the Rainbow. That’s one of the things
that sets Cirque Lodge apart from anywhere else. We went up over these spectacular mountains to beautiful natural settings. It helped me reconnect with my higher power. People have always come the mountains for spirituality. It really helps the healing and recovery
process. I think that what you discover at the end of the rainbow is there for you to find. I just feel like I have a new
lease. When I first got here and they gave me my hiking boots, I felt like I had my new set of walking shoes for
my new life. I feel very happy, more times than I ever did when I was using. Treatment has to be fun. It has to be enticing. If they see this is something that they
could foresee themselves doing for the rest of their lives, they have a very good chance at doing it. We do that through not only the traditional cognitive
pieces but with our experiential sessions, and so whether it’s being on the
mountain, whether it’s being on the ropes course, whether it’s being in the horse arena,
people need to see this is that they’re getting their vibrance back.
Life’s returning to them and the recreational tools that we have are such wonderful therapeutic tools. One
of the first things that happened after I got here was family week, and it was one of the
most intense experiences of my life. It’s not uncommon if you ask a direct
question to a child like “How have you been impacted by your daddy’s alcoholism?” they don’t even know how to put words to
it. If you ask them to survey a room of toys and small objects and ask them to pull something out that symbolizes daddy’s
alcoholism or their father and what’s going on in
their family, they will pick something quite quickly and arrange it
in the sand and then much more readily be able to discuss it. I think Cirque Lodge bar none is the
best of the best in making you feel accepted and invited. I mean from massage
therapy, to actually women getting their hair
done, sometimes there’s nails needed. This can sound superficial, but
honestly in working with families, many have said I want my mother treated right. I want my sister treated right I think
she needs that for her own dignity. Everyone seems to
have a lot of love even the admissions people down to the
receptionists, the chefs, the directors, the whole program. They
cared about me. They took care of me. The staff gives you the chance to believe
that you’re heading toward something, because most to them here have been through it. so you know they’re a beacon, they’re a beacon of something greater. I was finally able to accept the fact that I did have a
problem. These people I had never met in my life,
opened their arms up to me and they loved me, they accepted me. I didn’t know what that was like. I’m so
grateful that I have the opportunity come to Cirque Lodge. Something about the Lodge and something about the Studio, something
about the staff. It’s a magic. It’s kind of a synergy that occurs between all the
programs here and the staff and the residents. I’ve
seen miracles here, I’m one of them, because I shouldn’t be here for all practical
purposes. The serenity of the mountains here for one thing it
was so peaceful. The residents have virtually created this oasis of
a garden that has all kinds of edible plants in it, but the
exciting part about it is we can make things grow. To actually
raise your own food, it taste better and not only that, when
you raise it, you eat it and so the residents are
eating the food that’s coming out of the garden. Fruits and vegetables are a great alternative to some of the cravings that they’ve had from some of the
substances that they’ve been abusing. There’s a gift that comes from having gone to Cirque and being around people that have navigated their way back. You just put one foot in front of the other and they’ll
show you a way. There’s no doubt in my mind. I choose to be in recovery because I have
more fun. I never had as much fun as I do now. Be at peace. Come to terms with yourself
and the things in your life that taken you away from living. I
promise you, you will walk away a new person. We treat a number of celebrities and family members of celebrities and
individuals with notoriety. We’ve been able to do with discretion
and with the utmost concern for maintaining their confidentiality and their
privacy. It is a privilege to guide a family to be accepted at Cirque
Lodge and start a wonderful voyage of
getting well and getting on with their life. If
there’s anything of a reward that I receive is a family calling me saying you found
us the right treatment center, they were terrific. I
can still get together on the weekends and I can still have a really good time
and I can remember it and that is wonderful.

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