Chuck’s Tough Ear Wax Removal Part 1 | Auburn Medical Group

hey thanks for joining us I have my
friends here Chuck and Cher you might remember sherry from when we took that
thing off your nose and and check your ears are you able to hear us okay yeah
okay we just need to get it relaxed out the worst it’s just on that side okay
we’ll take a look and we’ll get some whacked out for you so this is before we
get started looking in your right ear to see that it is absolutely clogged with
wax so I’ll move over and look at the event we had one ago the left here is
the bad one and it has just chunks in there yeah I see why you’re here so I’m
just showing you know where we’re going here and then see if I can well I hit it
it’s a very hard wax and I think it’s kind of packed in there I’ll see if I
can just tease it out sorry can you see the chunks there yeah there’s that’s quite a chunk in
there and it’s dark would you rather I just use the water part would you rather
I just use water oh don’t I don’t want to hurt you it looked like we were
really getting a sensitive spot some would wonder why don’t we just go
straight to water well there’s a little risk going straight to water when you
can’t see the eardrum now if you just go straight to using water it’s possible
that you would have a perforated eardrum especially if it has been some
instrumentation by the patient which you said you stuck something in there what
was it you stuck in this is a good one oh so you’re really digging in there
shit well let’s travel it here all set yeah no one’s deeper yeah we’re going to
irrigate already check pardon there’s some warm water oh so okay yes really a
dirty one all right look again if removing anything it’s
deep down in there and irrigation would be the way to get that out and close that’s not all we get well I
won’t charge up before we’re done today we’re not going to be able to do it in
one day it’s it’s it’s still hard and it’s still stuck in there and our
battery ran out so we’re not going to be able to finish oh yeah you can keep
using an over-the-counter product as far as the drops to try to get it even
softer before we try it again so this is the right ear we’ve done some curettage
had it done any anything with the water yet and it looks like you can see the
eardrum through that wax I think I can almost push it but there’s an abrasion
there that’s from when we put the instrument in earlier so that’s why you
have to be careful they heal up fine but you don’t want to do that if you can
avoid it try to get the ideal angle to get that out about scratching up inside
of your canal yeah it got scratched out so you can see so I’m going to wear
gloves when there’s a little bit of blood on there after a little bit of
curettage and you do see that there’s an abrasion and it’s bleeding and that’ll
stop very soon very quickly and will not be a problem but I’m doing this to show
that the eardrum is now visible it’s in good health
wax is not blocking the passage at all on this side so we got some out but we
need to get that last a little bit and irrigation would be the best way to do
it to use an instrument it’s just so deep in there with the tools we have
here you know you can do better if you had an ear nose and throat doctor with
the tools they have they could get it out right now but we don’t have to do
that if we can do it with irrigation softening it up
now tomorrow with some de Brock’s or murine ear those are both two products
that will help soften it up overnight and then we can wash it out will
recharge our machine and finish it up tomorrow
okay sorry we didn’t finish the rites done right is all done left we just have
that that little bit left to go we’ll go ahead and say that this one is to be
continued because we’re going to do it tomorrow okay
so what this will be a two day job and we’ll get this done tomorrow so come

39 thoughts on “Chuck’s Tough Ear Wax Removal Part 1 | Auburn Medical Group

  1. Many years ago when I worked in a doc's office, when patients called to make an appt to have ears syringed we instructed them to place some oil in each ear and then use a cotton ball, for 2 – 3 nights prior to their appt. The wax was generally quite soft and easily removed with irrigation – which in those days was a gigantic stainless steel syringe.

  2. Yeah I had an "oops!" with a q-tip a few months back….yes I know we're not supposed to use them but it was just to dry the surface area just inside the ear. My hands were a bit slick from lotion and the q-tip slipped and plunged into my ear. OUCH!!! I haven't used a q-tip since, just a thin soft washcloth. I know….my bad! 😓😲
    P.S. I'm a huge klutz and once literally scraped my eyeball with an eyeshadow brush. I probably shouldn't be allowed to use anything. 🤣

  3. I recently pulled out a giant chunk of cerumen with 3 wax filters in it. (The little white things on hearing aids) I really like the bionex lighted curettes!

  4. can we see something other than ear wax, you have so many of them, would like to see other medical procedures please, totally sick of ear wax.  I may discontinue.

  5. I once read somewhere that people with Atopic Dermatitis don't produce as much ear wax. And I don't have hardly any at all. Is that a coincidence or is it because of my eczema? What are you thoughts, Dr. Vaughan?

  6. Why not have the spray bottle type ear irrigation system as a back up when the fancy one needs charging?

  7. Your patients are always so pleasant…and you have a great bedside manner. I really appreciate that you have no problem showing the minor abrasions that can happen from the ear cleaning instruments, and explaining why it's so important to err on the side of caution.

  8. I have this thing with my ears , they always need to be clean. When I watch this all I think is I need a dr to do this. But they won't because my ear drums always partially pop/burst whatever it is they say. But it looks so so refreshing

  9. Can you just use a spray bottle as back up when the battery dies? The ear elephant is also a good manual tool!

  10. My ears have been so clogged, I KNOW I'm not supposed to stick anything in them, but I do(constantly) and it never gets better, nothing ever comes out…. I've tried EVOO, water, hydrogen peroxide… Should I just go to an ear doctor?? I'm really strapped for cash and I'm worried insurance won't cover it.

  11. While first going at the wax, it looked like your curette was going to break. Has that ever happened before?

  12. When I take a shower I allow the water to go into my ears when I rinse my hair. Last time I went to the doctor and he checked my ears he said they were very quite clean. Do these patients not allow water to run into their ears while showering?  I have not had my ears clogged before and I am in my upper 50's.

  13. I just flushed my own ear out with a kids medicine syringe it had been blocked for a week! Tried ear drops everything severely huge chunks came out! It felt so good! Never had a problem before but this worked!

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