80 thoughts on “Chronic Cough Treatment for Children – Mindy Ross, MD | UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

  1. Im 30 years ex smoker but dont smoke now for 6 yr i've had pleural effusion,sezonal flu and cold but i simply dont cought any information pls??

  2. I am suffering with cough,
    Taken many cources of antibiotics but all in vain,
    It gets worsen after meals,
    Mucous also drop in throat give me solution for this.

  3. I've been coughing in almost a year
    Whenever I get exited or happy I cough but it stopped for like three months and now it's different it won't stop

  4. My fucking throat i feel like i have lung cancer i cant ignore it and after i am done my throat feels like bleeding

  5. I been sick for a week and half and this is piss me off cuz I cannot sleep and I pee myself cuz of the couching and dry cough too this is driving me nuts.

  6. my little daughter had cough and she is still suffering from it , this makes me feel sad , so what I gona do

  7. Got sick last year near the end of summer, been coughing since. It was going away and then I got sick again now I'm coughing a lot again. Yeah.. I needa get checked up

  8. Hiiii I am 24 year old and I am suffering from feaver and cough and cold every month or when ever weather change.. It's feel very bad how can I remove this chronic disease

  9. my 7 years old child is now 1 week… even the Doctors giving some Medicines in which is not effective… what should i do?

  10. my 7 years old child is now 1 week… even the Doctors giving some Medicines in which is not effective… what should i do?

  11. I'm serious when I say this but I really can't stop coughing it feels like a quick itch then I cough. It's been going on for about three days it's mainly from flem in my throat. When I breath in a lot it triggers my cough

  12. Simple home remedies and preventive measures for whooping Cough – https://thedarker0508.blogspot.com/2019/07/17-effective-home-remedies-for-whooping.html

  13. My son 3 years old has been coughing for three months now i have tried treating him but still no changes and he even having difficulty in breathing when sleeping I just don't know what to do.

  14. This is very good video. It is very helpful. I want to share a video link about this topic.

  15. This is very good video. It is very helpful. I want to share a video link about this topic.

  16. my baby age 6 month old, last 3 month she have cough, I was go to the doctor,, but my baby not recovery,,, plz tell me how can I do,,,

  17. My kid has a serious cough mostly during night I have tried up with a number of treatment both home and hospital but still problem continue. She is six years now but still problem persist. I use a number of oral and injection but no relief, please help me, call +255714219591

  18. you have shared such a great information. Actually my nephew was facing this problem from 3 weeks. then we started a treatment from Planet Ayurveda. Now he is fine. So, if anyone is facing this kind of issue, you should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  19. ive been coughing non-stop everytime i swallow i always taste a salty or sweet in my throat (its a dry cough btw) this keeps happening to me every year and im getting annoyed i srsly dont know how to stop this

  20. My throat was super dry and ate some of this like creamy melted chocolate and it kind of helped to give moisture to my throat..

  21. My cough is almost 1 year, how can I cure it? Everytime my mother wants me to consult a doc and the doc gives me medicine, their medicines doesn't effect well.

  22. Son I been coughing like a mf for 3 weeks now like c'mon I cant even take deep breaths without coughing c'mon son nigga tryna breath

  23. I have a cough maam it is more than 3 years i consulted it to the doctor but i only take medication for allergy by the way what is the treatment for my cough?

  24. Great video. for general cough, here are some great home treatment that work great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCHz2BOz14I&t=339s

  25. I've been coughing for a long time… i went to the doctor many times but it cannot go off.. its dry cough and i do not have much nose blocks or etc, but my throat is miserable

  26. I got cough from Air condition before 3 months ago. Still I am suffering. It attacks me mentally too. My life becomes just a hell..!!

  27. I know I'm late to the video. But I've got a cough that's repetitive, and stops when I make a huge low honking cough. I do get small intervals where the cough stops but then it comes back, if I'm lucky I get long intervals. Please help

  28. My sister has been coughing for more than 2 weeks now, she had a common cold first that lasted at most 4 days but she continue coughing untill now.
    We first went to private clinics but there medicine didn't work..so we went to a public one they too her blood a couple of time they didn't find nothing wrong they said her throat was clear so they said she was allergic to something in the house which she been living in for 2/3 years but never had a allergic
    so we send her to my father, after a week over there she didn't cough that much but when she came home she started coughing again like before
    she left again today to our father
    her cough is dry
    medicine seem not to work
    she aways sleep with my mum the room is small she cough the more there*
    she slept in my room which is wider and on the upper floor of the house she slept and didn't cought while sleeping
    where we live is sunny most of the time(it raining now tho)
    her nose is block a bit
    I think she have allergy cough or habit caught

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