Christy Rivers, D.O., Pediatrics – The Corvallis Clinic

My approach to patient care is to treat
people the way I would want to be treated, or in the case of the children,
the way I would want my children to be treated. So I treat them with respect, I
try to treat them sort of as if they’re my own family, and try to remember that
details about things they’ve told me before and bring them up, such as if I
know they went to Disneyland I ask them about Disneyland. Sometimes I’ll
write in my notes a detail like they live on the farm or something, so I can
ask those questions when I go back in the next time. And I I think that parents
appreciate that, that I’m trying to make a true connection with their child. In medical school, we have to learn about everything. Or have the opportunity to
learn about everything, and I always loved reading about Pediatrics. I always
ask the children if they’re of age to be able to talk to me, why they come into
the clinic. and I love hearing their answers, and then I will ask specifically
like what they did for their birthday, or what they’re doing this weekend, just to
try to engage them and I enjoy hearing their hilarious responses, and that makes
my day better. I have two children one of them is nine and the other is eight and
we enjoy traveling, we enjoy spending time outside.
I love reading, I like sewing, and I like working in my garden. I really like
working at The Corvallis Clinic because there is a range of doctors to work with,
I like that I can walk down the hall and ask some of the other pediatricians a
question if I want a second opinion, or how something works in the community
that I haven’t encountered before, so being part of a multi-specialty clinic
is an asset, I think for our patients. The Corvallis Clinic Pediatrics
department is open on weekends from 10:00 to 2:00, and I think this is an
excellent service that we provide for the community.
It’s nice when your child is sick to know there are some place to go without
having to go to the emergency department, and it’s nice to know that it’s your own
doctor that might be seeing you.

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