Christopher Daigle, MD | Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Bariatric Surgery

I do general surgery so I do see kind of a wide variety of different patients from the bariatric surgery side of things, which is really my passion and kind of my main focus and my specialty. We really focus on morbid obesity and really how that affects people’s health problems and really how we can positively affect those things. When they first come to the office, you know you can expect to really get a thorough assessment, a history, physical exam, try to get a sense of really what sort of treatment options we have for that patient and what we can provide in a very sort of encompassing and easy to get along with environment. In our bariatric surgery program, it’s a multidisciplinary approach so you’re not just meeting the surgeon. You’re going to see internists. You’re going to see dietitians. You’re going to see psychologists, nurse practitioners, insurance specialists. You’re going to see all kinds of different specialists whose sole job is to really help traverse you through this pathway to this life changing surgery. The classic patient suffers from debilitating obesity mobility issues. Sometimes patients are in wheelchairs, home oxygen, type 2 diabetes, insulin injections. They have a laundry list of medications and I always love the encounter and you see them six months, a year later and they show you the list of medications they’re on and it’s none. And they can walk again and they’re off of oxygen and these these visits are just really touching. One thing I tell all my patients and if you’re like me, say you’re taking your car in to get fixed and you have all these questions and you get to the mechanic and you can’t remember what to ask, and I always tell my patients, you know if we’ve seen you before and we’re going to see you again. When you have questions, write them down, bring them with you to the encounters. If you ask any of my patients, I’m always willing to sit down as long as it takes until they’re really comfortable that all of their issues have been addressed. I recently had a daughter as my first child. It’s amazing that I can really change a lot of things in your life. So before, my wife and I are very active. We’re both kind of high alpine snowboarders, love golfing, different sports. I’m a musician. Those type of things and travel really dominated our lives and it’s amazing now have the gears have shifted and really everything focuses on our daughter, which has just been spectacular.

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