Christmas Special 2017 Trailer – Doctor Who – BBC

Love, pride, hate, fear. Have you no emotions, sir? I’m the Doctor! I am THE Doctor. Something has gone very wrong with time. We’re trapped inside a single moment. So sorry, I don’t suppose either of you is a doctor? You trying to be funny? These police boxes, they’re
ever so good aren’t they? We do have one little advantage. What advantage? There’s two of us. Is he here? Is the Doctor here?

100 thoughts on “Christmas Special 2017 Trailer – Doctor Who – BBC

  1. You know it’s sad when you know that in future videos after the Christmas special you won’t hear peter capldi say ‘don’t forget to subscribe to official doctor who YouTube channel’

  2. All right Jodie! Let's go Jodie! You got this one Jodie!!!!! Both Doctors, and bill is back, and mark is back, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. 1: Bill died, might as well bring back Clara and Cedric.
    2: War story, cool
    3: Two doctors, cool
    4: We know capaldi's getting it, why not keep a regen a surprise for once, just do it completely out of the blue
    5: Just for one scene, I would like to see Capaldi rocking a machine gun, just for laughs.

  4. Fun fact: The transition for Hartnell to Bradley was animated by Johnsmith, the same bloke who did Wholock a while back. He also did some VFX work for World enough and time too.

  5. The beginning looks quite good for a recent re-filming, if all of it was. Though it was obvious, that first doctor bit, got me taking the second view to work out the actor parts- first part almost making me think Hartnell over Bradley. Guessing they differ in the delivery of the lines at the end though.

  6. is gatiss suppose to be hitler or somehing? if bill reminds the doctor once again that she is gay, i'll probably stop petition to have her killed off.

  7. I can’t wait capaldi is my favourite doctor and when I first saw Bradley in an adventure in space and time I actually thought it was hartnell

  8. NO! NOOOOOO! Don't forget to subscribe to the official, Doctor Who channel. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    *bursts with regeneration energy saying 'Don't forget to subscribe to the official, Doctor Who channel' over and over*

  9. "Something has gone very wrong with time"…

    So I'm rewatching Hell Bent and I just realized the hybrid thing never got fully resolved. And what Clara told the Doctor in the Cloisters. Also supposedly Clara would cause a fracture in time if she failed to return to face the Raven….

  10. Not that the BBC listen to anyone, But I hope they use Bradley to the hilt, They have everything they need which was someone who looked and sounded like Hartnell to re create the missing episodes, I hope they don't WASTE that opportunity

  11. David Bradly is the 1st Doctor? What? but, he looks like William Hartnell. WHY IS WILLIAM HARTNELL NOT ACTING HIM IN THE 1ST PLACE !

  12. And the first thing she does is crash the Tardis in Danika Patrick fashion into somewhere in time and fall down to Earth, maybe like Princess Leia in Star Wars?. Sorry, I am nor hopeful for the series.

  13. I know that ppl hate bill comeing back in the twice upon time but it was nice to see her back

  14. the doctor reminds me of rick Sanchez how he looks I could almost imagine him with a drool on his lip and shouting at a little morty

  15. Some day
    Mainly in the uk
    I with their to be TARDIS homes so wenLIVE in a TARDIS and we can decorate it
    Every time above the uk

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