Christina Bellinger MD – Pulmonology – Wake Forest Baptist Health

Christina Bellinger, director of the Interventional
Pulmonary Program and director of the Lung Cancer Screening Program in the Department
of Pulmonology and Critical Care. So my main focus over the years has sort of
narrowed in to lung cancer within the realm of pulmonology. And my goals are to not only
diagnose lung cancer- most optimally in its early stage- but also when it does get to
more advanced stages, having these advanced techniques that we can minimally invasively
treat the tumors. So the majority of the patients that we see
in the Lung Clinic whether it’s for lung cancer or COPD, are smokers. And studies have shown,
no matter what age you quit at, no matter how late in life, no matter what disease process
you have ongoing, you can benefit from stopping smoking. Over time the lung won’t completely
regenerate, and the risks of all the complications that go along with smoking don’t go away,
but they certainly improve and get better. Quality of life gets better. Breathing gets
better. So we definitely advocate early smoking cessation at any age.
I think here at Wake Forest we have a great group of caring not only physicians, but staff
as well. We’re part of a whole host of research projects trying to advance any number of therapies.
Specific to Pulmonary, we have the Interventional Pulmonary Program which is not something that’s
found at all hospitals and that offers some cutting-edge technology to patients that they
might not otherwise have. In addition, our Lung Cancer Screening Program
is one of the Centers of Excellence- there’s only a few of those in the state and just
a handful in the country to provide quality low-dose screening CT scans for high-risk

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