Christian Rehab Center: Dorothy’s Home

There are twenty thousand homeless people
on this street. They’re not so visible. It’s dangerous to be visible. You could be locked
up. I didn’t know there were homeless people. It’s mostly because they’re alcoholic, or
they’re people who have come from another village to the city to get work, but there
was no work. We needed somewhere for the men to live. So I wrote to New Zealand, and said there’s
a big house out of the city, which is important, away form the alcholol. And the church heard
that, sent the money, so we got it! There’s maybe 17, 20 men in a circle praying. And I think, “Lord, if you hadn’t sent us here, it wouldn’t be happening,” and it humbles me. It’s in spite of me, God uses us. They seem to reach a point where, “Okay, this is for real,” and they move on. They’re back with their wives, with their family.

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