Christian Program Rehab Center Southern California

I’m a case manager here. I’ve also been given the privilege of running
Christline which is a Christian track. I became a Christian five years
ago and it was actually right around
the time that I got clean and my faith has been a huge aspect to my recovery. It’s kind of been the bedrock
of my recovery ever since. One of the things that the the owners and my supervisor Dave have allowed the
different case managers to do is bring a different aspect of what they’re really
passionate about. Like Andre, he’s another case
manager, he runs BOSS. Logan runs program of action, and I run Christline. So what that consists of is a
monthly service project where we go
out into the community and we help feed
the homeless. We pack lunches, we serve dinner, we just talk to them,
encourage them. Try to give them some of the
same hope that we’ve been
given. Service work is a huge part of
recovery and it will bring a lot of value to anybody’s life,
especially for someone new in recovery. I also do a weekly group on the Bible and how the principles in the
Bible relate to our recovery. It’s a completely optional
group for those who are trying to dive deeper into
their Christian faith or just
checking it out. This is a great program. I’m really happy to be a part
of it. And I look forward to see where where it’s going
in the future.

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