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  1. You can cure athletes foot, until you contract it again; Chris appears to be appealing for the eradication of fungi and well, good luck with that.

    Polio is incurable, vaccination is what prevents infection but once you get it, it’s a month spent in chez Iron Lung or an eternity in the earth. There are still polio hot spots, Chris can be thankful he’ll never get it unless he goes to the arse ends of the earth but despite his protestations it appears the good ‘ol USA is good enough for him.

    AIDS once had a 100% mortality rate (unless you were lucky enough to be blessed by a CCR5 delta32 mutation), now you live long enough to die of something else like old age or morbid obesity. Blaming ‘the government’ or doctors or even big pharmaceutical companies for the diseases of antiquity is astounding; they remain because they are good at wheat they do, infecting and killing.

    Diabetes, heart disease, cancer? Eats less, move more, stop piling shit into your face like you ain’t gonna eat for another month and drop the cigarettes like a bad bean pie.

    You are going to die because nature has endowed us with a limited lifespan as well as myriad infectious diseases plus all the shit we do to ourselves recreationally. Even if this poorly though out drivel was true, who doesn’t want to pay to live until their late 70’s rather than dying in childhood like over 30% of children did in the developed world at the turn of the last century.

    Think about that while you’re high fiving over your blood pressure medications and waffles…

  2. How many know oncologists buy chemo from pharmaceutical companies wholesale, then sell it to patients…LEGALLY!

  3. Very true words. He trying to tell you stupid sheeple the truth about the medical and pharmaceutical industry in a joking way, but he dead serious.
    Drs dont cure, they hand out scripts for meds that are really poisons and get rid of the symptoms, the meds dont get rid of the sickness causing the problem. Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry want you to keep spending your money on drugs that mask a problem instead of fixing the problem. Drs are now beholding to insurance companies, so they need you to keep coming back, pay that copays just so they can continue to write scripts for meds that half ass work.

  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4STx6yqCqQk#menu. This company didn't disclose they had cure for Alzheimer's for 3 years, it did not make financial sense.

  5. so true. i have been to kaiser 4 times in 30 days for athletes foot… this hit home what he said… $65 copay each time i went to kaiser… so sad…. had to take 2 weeks off work with no pay… sad kaiser…

  6. Right they ain't curing shit you all look up doctor berzinski he cured cancer and tumors cops daughter died cause us government stopped his treatments and stole right along with fda to control and own his research and not there's 11 us patents by government and fda that say they own it If he didn't give in hed go to jail cause kemo therapy and foundations research the money is theirs if he cured cancer it his so before kemotharpy consider calling him please ty

  7. Chris Rock's been exposing shyt from way back. AIDS, Cancer…they got cures. They're just not letting anyone know about it. Like he said, those pharmaceutical companies are all major cartels, making money off the drugs.

  8. I heard a doctor saying last week on Tv say "that if they find a cure for cancer, that will be bad for his business"

  9. Now with CRISPR they might finally cure AIDS… but highly doubt it'll be cheap and/or accessible to the lower income population, so he's not entirely wrong yet…

  10. he's hilarious, but he never feels like he's just joking around, he's actually telling the truth.

  11. I lost it at the Robitussin joke lol he's been always said that his parents cured everything with that!!! I've never seen this clip tho

  12. This is all true. How many studies have you seen saying that they found a protein or a cell or some shit that may help cure cancer. And then, it just dissapears. You never hear from that again.

  13. we have ohs thank god in uk and our hospitals are filled with "health tourists"getting treated .. costing our tax payers and government millions so hardly a good scam.. we are lucky we can even have medicines at all full stop.. some countries don't even have access to them.

  14. Its 2019 and they got drugs out there that lower hiv levels to untraceable..🤯 He said this shit would happen 15 years ago and it did

  15. He's right. The drug companies will never let diabetes or cancer get cured. Do you know how much insulin they sell? In 2018, 34,000,000,000 dollars worth. That's right 34 BILLION DOLLARS.

  16. Darn Right

    1611kjv#Job 13:4
    [4]But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.

    Real healing comes from Ahayah's word + leaves/roots #Deuteronomy32:39/Ezekiel47:12/Sirach38:1-13

  17. I stopped going to my favorite doctor I had for years, because he told me that he and his wife, hadn't paid for a meal in 2 months, because of his drug dealers give him gift cards to restaurants, when he used their brand of drugs they were selling, with a smile on his face, I changed doctors

  18. I love what he says about blind people, "all they get is a seeing eye dog?!" "At least give me a midget or something more!"😆

  19. He nailed it head on when he said that the money isnt in the cure, but the medication. I hate to admit it but that seems to be the case.

  20. 2019 and Travada be released. But guess what… it keeps the HIV down, but u gotta take it everyday, and it costs a dollar a day. He called it

  21. "Money's not in the cure money's in the medicine" says a lot about people with mental health problems and how they are being filled with medicine that makes them worse just to earn money.

  22. Great isnt it, millions of us suffering with various conditions whilst billions of dollars in donations and research funds are spent doing what exactly?. We all deserve better, from the person with psoriasis who's embarrassed and has no self confidence, to the mum of three young kids rotting from the inside out with stomach cancer. This industry is a joke. Chris is right, they don't want to cure anything.

  23. How fucking stupid do you have to be to realize that you don't meet people with Polio because THEY CURED POLIO.. AND SMALLPOX.. AND MEASLES.. But you same fucking idiots are probably the same ones not vaccinating your piggy children.

  24. It's sad though, his number will soon be up. Made a damn deal with the Devil, SaturNAIL YA Knight LIVE. The curse IS REAL.

  25. Jesus Christ. Chris called this shit 20 years ago. See all those pharmaceutical commercials now with all those super healthy and happy HIV+ people.

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