Choosing to Deliver Your Baby at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Welcome to Lucile Packard Children’s
Hospital Stanford. We’re delighted that you’re considering
us as the setting for your baby’s birth. We provide family-centered care comfort
and support that help make your experience
extraordinary. Packard Children’s is nationally
recognized for the maternal and neonatal services that we provide in hospital designed exclusively for
mothers and children. Each year more than 4,000 mothers choose
to deliver their babies at Packard Children’s. The majority of
mothers who deliver here have healthy pregnancies and and complicated deliveries. For all
other patients, our private labor and delivery rooms
provide the ideal setting for personal comfort. Our high quality care includes
partnering with you to support your birth plan; including your choice is to have an
unmedicated, or medicated labor and having a support percent family
members or friends present at your delivery. Lactation support is available for are breast-feeding
mothers after delivery. In the comfort of our maternity unit
mothers and babies can relax together, bond and receive care tailored
specifically to meet their unique needs. When you choose Packard Children’s
Hospital you can be confident that your choosing a supportive, family-centered environment for your
delivery and the best possible start for your baby. When selecting an obstetrician who
delivers babies at Packard Children’s Hospital, you can choose from one whose private
practice or Medical Group offices in the local community, or one whose offices here at Packard
Children’s as a teaching hospital. Our mission includes providing excellent
patient care as well as teaching and training the
next generation up health care professionals. If you’re obstetricians offices in the
local community, your obstetrician and a registered nurse
are your primary care team. However, your doctor has the option of
involving our president positions in your care. Our staff for registered nurses is
highly experienced in labor and delivery and will provide you with individualized
care and attention. When you arrive, you can park your car in
the hospital parking lot or let our complimentary valet service
market for you every patient has a private room designed to take you
through labor delivery an immediate recovery. Your
private room features state-of-the-art equipment a
birthing bat has options for various birthing positions. If you’d rather be up at around during
your labor process we have wireless fetal monitoring for your comfort Your room also has a private bathroom
and shower. Monitors and a warming station for your
baby are standard equipment. You may also bring in your own food and
drinks music, birthing balls or other supportive items. To keep you connected or just
comfortably entertained, each room has free wireless internet
access and a flat-screen TV with on-demand movies and select cable channels patient
education videos are also available. You’ll stay in your labor delivery
recovery room with your baby for about an hour then you’ll transition
to our maternity unit where mothers and newborns stay until
they’re ready to go home. Your baby will make a stop in the well baby nursery for an initial
assessment if your baby needs any specialized care. Just steps away our full range a
nationally recognized neonatal intensive care services many of which are not available anywhere
else in the local area. Our maternity unit is on the first and
second floors at the hospital. All of our new mothers stay and
well-equipped comfortable private or semi-private rooms. You and your baby benefit dramatically by remaining as
close as possible after birth. Staying together supports optimal
mother-infant bonding. Personalized care hands-on patient
teaching lactation initiation and breastfeeding
guidance. If you feel you need rest you have the
option of placing your baby and are well baby nursery. You can have your baby brought back to
you at any time. You can invite one adult guests to stay
with you overnight. This may be a spouse partner or support
person sleep chairs are portable beds are
provided for their comfort. Healthy nutrition is an important part
of your post delivery recovery. If you have special dietary requests
just let us know during the pre-admission process. We provide room service at every meal
for a more convenient comfortable and personalized experience. You simply call the place your order
from our full menu will freshly prepare your meal just for
you according to your order and then a room service host will
deliver it to your bedside. A daily afternoon tea and snacks are
also served to you and your partner. Eat maternity unit has its own kitchen where you’re welcome to store any food
or drink that you bring from home. We’re looking forward to supporting you
during the birth of your baby and celebrating with you after at
Packard Children’s Hospital. Understand that every labor and every
delivery is unique. We offer you peace of mind in the
assurance that you and your baby will benefit from compassionate
family-centered state-of-the-art care. We appreciate each patient’s personal
needs and experiences and we are dedicated to meeting and
exceeding those needs and to providing an extraordinary experience. Making your time spent at Packard
Children’s meaningful and valuable we’re honored to deliver
world-class care at the level you need and to be at your side during this
wonderful time in your life.

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