Choosing Inpatient Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery | Occupational Therapy Month

Hi, I’m Todd McDonald, Director of Therapy
Services here at Vibra Rehab Hospital of Rancho Mirage Since April is Occupational Therapy Awareness
Month, we thought we’d take a minute to tell you about how Occupational Therapy can work
with patients with spinal cord injuries here with some of our state-of-the-art technology
that we do have here, at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. Today, we have a person who is inquiring about
the services we provide for a friend of theirs that, unfortunately, sustained a spinal cord
injury. [Debbie]: Hi! Hi! [Debbie]: My name is Debbie, they told me
I could speak to you. A dear friend of mine was in a terrible auto
accident and now is basically in a wheelchair only — cannot walk. They want to send her to a nursing home, but
our doctor wanted me to talk to you about the acute rehab hospital portion. Thanks for coming in, Debbie. I’d be happy to tell you the difference, and
I’m sorry to hear that about your friend. [Debbie]: Thank you The major difference between a skilled nursing
facility and our inpatient rehab hospital is the intensity of the therapy that we offer. We have three hours of therapy a day, between
physical, occupational therapy. With the technology that we use and the advanced
skills of our therapists, especially our occupational therapists. Then we’ll look at the patient from a holistic
view, looking at what they did prior to the injury, and what they’ll be needing to do
once they go home. One of the technologies that we use is called
the Bioness vector. That is cutting-edge technology using bodyweight
support that is tethered to an overhead track that helps to safely provide that external
support to work on gait and balance — any sort of mobility activities that will promote
independence. Independence doing things like self-care,
some of the dressing, some of the things that they did at the sink, cooking, some of those
skills that they had done prior that maybe they don’t realize they’ll be able to do again, [Debbie]: Wow Just doing it a little bit differently. Using this technology, we can do a lot to
help get them back home safely. [Debbie]: Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing! She really needs that vector. That sounds amazing. Would you like to go see the vector itself
and meet some of the therapists? [Debbie]: That would be great! Alright, let’s go! [Debbie]: Thank you

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