Choosing a Rehabilitation Facility

I think one of the most important aspects
that an individual who has had a spinal cord injury, or their families, should looking
for in choosing a rehabilitation facility, is finding a facility that has experience
in taking care of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Estimates today are that about
10,000-12,000 individuals per year experience spinal cord injuries. You can compare that
to cancer, and to heart disease where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of individuals
are newly treated, or ongoing treated for that type of condition. So because of that,
not every rehabilitation facility, not every physiatrist, necessarily has extensive experience
in taking care of individuals with spinal cord injuries. And so, to optimize an individualís
rehabilitationóto give them the proper education about what has happened to them, what can
they expect in the near term and in the future, and what do they need long term to optimize
hopefully their recovery, and their functional mobilitesóyou want to be treated at a facility,
or by a facility that has that experience. Most importantly, talk to the individuals,
whether it be the staff, whether it be the nurses, whether it be the physicians, who
work with those individuals. Ask them questions about how many individuals that they treat
per year in their center. Ask them about what their experience has been in their outcomes
with individuals who have been treated in their facility. And youíll get a sense, sort
of, from that conversation about their comfort level, and their experience treating individuals
with these type of conditions. Subtitles by the community

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