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Hello everyone, this is Dr.
Mina Mikhail Family Chiropractic. Thanks for watching our YouTube Channel. And
thank you for watching us from Facebook. Today we have Mark, who is one of our
patients. He’s gonna help us show you guys, how we do an adjustment. Mark has
been examined, and this is part of his treatment plan. So today, we’re just
showing the adjustments. I’m gonna adjust his mid- back, and I’m gonna be adjusting his
lower back, and also the sacroiliac joints.
Let’s start Mark. Yes, all right, have a, go ahead, and lay on your back. And bend your knees, move down, just a
little bit. Again Mark has been examined, and diagnosed. And this is just part of
his treatments, that we’re doing the adjustments, chiropractic adjustment. Look
at your right, take a deep breath. Let it all the way out..good, one more, and another one. Last one here, lift up your head, ready,
up. Did that hurt? Alright, move to your right side, face me. Okay,
you gonna lift up the knees, just a bit. Alright, move closer to me, move your
pelvis closer. Alright, put your head in the middle here. This is the part where
you’re gonna help, do you remember? Yeah. Alright, so block my arm. Bend this leg. Keep
the lower one straight. Good and lift up. Very, good. Okay, yes. I’m good. Yeah, face me
again. One more, this one, just put your hand here, move your pelvis, cool trick, to
me. Just perfect, and bend this leg, relax the shoulder. Good now, turn to the other side. Alright, move closer to me, So, for the best view. We’re gonna move
you guys here, so you can see the pelvis. Relax good, perfect. Alright, how’s that? Oh, that’s
good. Good, right. Thank you guys for watching us, from our Youtube or from
Facebook. If you’re watching us from YouTube, don’t forget to hit subscribe, to
watch the latest of our videos. And if you’re watching us from Facebook, don’t
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much, and we’ll see you in the next video you.

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