Chiropractic as the “Last Resort”

I had throat cancer in 2015 and they did chemo
on me and there was so much radiation and I lost all control of walking
and my feet and everything. It was terrible. My toenails turned black, they fell off. My feet got bad, got to where I could not walk. It was like I was walking on golf balls when
I tried to walk. And it got real bad. So bad that I’ve been on this walker for years. And so I was taking muscle relaxers like popcorn
and that was the only thing. Every time we went out to eat or go anywhere
I’d have to take muscle relaxers cause I couldn’t get out and go. Went to three different neurologists and they couldn’t figure anything, couldn’t figure out why I’ve been to three spinal clinics
here and in other towns. I’ve had seventeen doctors since 15′ and I got to where I couldn’t hardly walk at all and nobody could figure out what was wrong. Everybody kept saying that have arthritis, I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteo and everybody said “We can’t do surgery, you’re too old.” and “There’s nothing we can do.” Spinal clinic, same thing. They did x-rays, I’ve had thousands of x-rays
and everybody said the same thing. When you get down to it there wasn’t anything anybody could do “You’re just going to have to live with it.” Finally, I got to where I went to my doctor
and told him, my last physician, told him, he’s been a friend of mine, been with him
for 22 years, I told him I can’t take this anymore is there anything else I can do. “Only thing I know is to go see a Chiropractor
to see if he can help you. He said “That’s the last resort.” “We’ve gone to every other doctor we can think of and everybody’s done everything, tests and x-rays, nobody can do anything.” And now all the sudden I got this new lease
on life, I can get done walking, do things and go places. My back’s not hurting, which is unusual. To go this long without it hurting. This is because of the way Dr. Nick has done. He’s been so good with me. I have no pain in my back whatsoever he stopped
that completely. I mean completely stopped it. Which is a blessing. I mean it like it’s unreal. Like I told Dr. Nick it’s unreal
how all of the sudden I can feel things that’s not hurting anymore

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