Children’s Hospital School Based Health Center at Rockdale Academy and South Avondale

I’m Michelle Hopkins in Avondale and
Rockdale Academy where good health is what they practice every day that’s a
partnership between Cincinnati Children’s and Cincinnati Public Schools
that’s a big reason why and with school performance and good health so closely
linked these kids are making strides in the classroom and on the health charts
let’s go inside kids at Rockdale have so embraced the healthy habits they even
made a song about it less screen time more physical activity and zero sugary
sweets right since childrens has really taken hold of
rockville a whole component with educating them regarding asthma
educating us regarding our diet our numbers are all going in a positive
direction we feel like we are the home of the healthiest kids because childrens
is right there so we’re in their backyard access to health care goes hand
in hand with academic performance 10 year old Elijah Huffman is one of many
students making strides as a result of care he receives from the health center
staff Elijah is blossoming he’s real quiet you don’t overlook his grades or
he gets his daily dose of medication just a short walk from class this helps
Elijah’s asthma stay under control Elijah is one of about 70 students at
Rockdale Academy with chronic asthma they learn from medical staff here about
signs and symptoms of the disease and how to be proactive Cincinnati
Children’s Lisa Crosby manages the school-based health centers just being
preventative teaching them about being healthy not about going to get care when
you’re sick Marilyn Crumpton is over school and Adolescent Health for the
Cincinnati Health Department she’s seen the evolution of the school-based health
center and its impact I think we’ve realized that we have a
greater game that we can take away and just you know improve the dental
outcomes improving asthma control making sure every child gets their physical if
they may be making sure all the shots are done it’s more than that it’s
understanding that extra piece of what it takes to be healthy your entire life
South Avondale school is home to the busiest Cincinnati Children’s
school-based health center serving 300 patients a month many are their own
students but more than half are kids from the neighborhood not students at
South Avondale an 11 year old dairy unpleasent is one of those kids from the
community a walk in today his dad is a little concerned about Dorian’s caste
the staff here have the caste rewrapped in less than 30 minutes I like it how
you don’t have the way a long time just to get like four people just to help you
I like it how is different like when you get here people already helping you it’s
actually my place we’re gonna get checked out we’ve come to South Avondale
school and they got it for you in addition to the school nurse
Cincinnati Children’s provides a health technician and a nurse practitioner
on-site five days a week one-year-old Kennedy Reid is a little
too young for school but not for the health center she’s in today for an ear
check mom thinks it could be an infection nurse practitioner Melissa
McRae cares for kids and coaches their parents even with like her dental like
she was helping me with her again like there’s a lot of stuff I was missing at
all when I was younger and I don’t want her to miss out on it principal Michael
Allison says the Health Center serves a bigger purpose that aligns perfectly
with his goal as the school leader it’s about preventive medicine
providing education to our students so that they can limit the number of days
missed in school and that also increases the amount of time that they’re actually
engaged in school and not missing school due to sickness as we encourage our kids
to take advantage of the medical opportunities here because hand-in-hand
with the educational opportunities offered within the classroom the
school-based health centers work because of relationships built on trust they
feel love they feel cared for they feel respected and it’s mutual
I mean we’re crazy about the kids and that we get to know the parents and it’s
you know the whole village thing and that works that works in this community
it’s that trust that keeps older kids like Orlando Crittenden coming back to
an elementary school for check-ups they are norm so we’ve been going start
ignoring your wings I can afford the vision screening turns up a problem with
Orlando’s eyesight health technician Felicia Pleasant is on it and now
Orlando’s mom Laurita is too it’s easy to see at Avondale school-based health
centers they’re not just the next number that they really are people and they
matter these centers are open all year round Monday through Friday whether
you’re a student here or not from diet to exercise to chronic conditions these
centers go a long way in getting to the goal of having Cincinnati kids be the
healthiest in the nation I’m Michelle Hopkins you never do

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